What we see is the maker of a submarine who takes it to the bottom of the ocean where he witnesses various things ranging from mermaids to giant fish to sea horses. They are intercepted by a mysterious captain Nemo and his incredible submarine. As fabulous and fantastic as anything he has ever done in cartoons is Walt Disney’s ‘live action’ movie made from Jules Verne’s 20, Leagues Under the Sea. The only things I’m not sure of in this adaptation is where exactly does Nemo come from, where is this island suppose to be? Kirk Douglas plays a trouble-shooting 19th century seaman, trying to discover why so many whaling ships have been disappearing of late. Use the HTML below.

Critics Review the 91st Academy Awards Telecast. In fact everything to do with Nemo’s craft, its interior and his equipment has that wonderful blend of Hammer horror and steampunk, right down to the muted dull colours and that heavy riveted steel appearance. I hope I will not get this parasite, I wouldn’t be able to be vegan anymore! It can make mcu’s Multiverse”. Two travelers are tormented by Satan from inn to inn and eventually experience a buggy ride through the heavens courtesy of the Devil. Kirk Douglas and James Mason are a great team and deliver some great dynamics.

You will be this armless, legless, faceless thing running down the street like terror in the wind”. Didn’t get invited to any Academy Awards after-parties?


Cassandra Maples Super Reviewer. What’s so enjoyable about this film are the visuals on display, the Nautilus design here is a piece of cinematic history. Everything from the film-making to the acting is perfect. Nemo thusly spends his time sinking ships that leave that island mainly because they carry arms and ammo for war. Ls or, the Kingdom of the Fairies Use the HTML below.

Post Share on Fim. This is one of the great movie adventures, fully deserving its canonisation in Disney World. Seeing a more adult side of puppets.

The Palace of Arabian Knights Teaming with scientist Paul Lukas and diver Peter Lorre, Douglas sets sail to investigate–and is promptly captured by the megalomaniac Captain Nemo James Masonwho skippers a lavish, scientifically advanced submarine.

Jun 6, Rating: Oct 18, Rating: You may have noticed some of the recent changes we have made. The talky 20, Leagues probably won’t thrill kids fresh from The Matrix, but they may be interested to lieies that the Verne film was the effects marvel of its day.

Yes No Report this. Critics Review the 91st Academy Awards Telecast. A man tries to get streamingg good night’s sleep, but is disturbed by a giant spider that leaps onto his bed, and a battle ensues in hilarious comic fashion. The plot is actually kinda loose really, there isn’t really any definitive plan or agenda here, its merely Nemo cruising the ocean depths enjoying his freedom from civilisation.

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The sight of that snapping maw as Nemo’s crew battle the beast amidst a terrible sea storm is sheer joygasm from start to finish. Conner Rainwater Super Reviewer. No more sequels or prequels.


That’s about it really, Nemo dislikes landlubbers, the people from this island oh and they killed his wife and child too when trying to unlock the secrets of his work. The Devilish Tenant We’ve got the best photos from the night’s biggest celebrations, and you don’t get a hangover. I remember this fondly from my childhood and it still works well to this day, a few small minor gripes aside and the miscasting the film nigh lieuess perfect.

Eddie Marr as Shipping Agent. Learn more More Like This.

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I Am the Night. Ted de Corsia as Capt. The film looks great, Dont get me wrong. One scene that isn’t very entertaining is a rather long sequence where we see some females doing a dance at the bottom of the ocean.

Carleton Young as Howard.