Season of death will come in too. What does it mean for a mother who has lost her firstborn? It is obvious for this question to trouble our minds. When does the World end for a black-buck in the jaws of a leopard or a rat in the coils of a serpent? The Bering Strait replaced the bridge of land connecting Russia to America. Horoscope Predictions by date of birth.

Is Pralaya Actually Coming In ? Take advantage of Yantra with assurance of AstroSage. On the other hand, time is good for those who are spiritual, intellectual, artist and Guru. Consequently, there would have been wide-spread displacement of people and populations leading to probably the BIGGEST catastrophe in the History of Human civilization. On 21st December , the Hindi month will be Margshirsha. Fire has to be there if there is smoke. Add to Spiritual Diary.

Due to their mutual effect, troubles to the public and inflation will increase. The Tsunamis that hit south-east Asia few years back reminded us of how fragile our relationship with nature is! But, Saturn and Prapay are coming in conjunction on 23rd December, which is indicating toward violence. Subscribe Magazine on email: Elections during this time will benefit the leading party, but will affect a powerful minister adversely. Impact of Saturn over Sun is not considered good for Earth, whereas this impact might speed up the political ups and downs.

Consequently, whatever civilizations were existing before, were forced to migrate to warmer places or perish. msha

They escaped in a ship and survived, becoming the progenitors of a new race of giants. At that time, America and Europe suffered from the fires at many places. After the departure of My devotees there will be only one varna. This again is a decent possibility since we have been observing the melting of Antarctic Ice mwha and frequent Earthquakes in the sea-bed. The word Pralaya means, the destruction of Earth, submergence kovie Earth in water or restoration of Earth to new.


And as far as cyclicity goes, already, many scientists predict a coming of the next Ice Age as we may have reached the end of the current period of Interglacial interval. What does it mean for a mother who has lost her firstborn? Therefore, this day will pervade fear in people. Those who did not make all the preparations perished when the waters came.

This would mean that does not mark the End-of-Time but the End-of-an-Age thereby signifying a phase of transition and nothing more or less than that. This time, Samwatsar named Vishvasu is going on.

However, it is important to know the quantity of fire. On 21st Decemberthe Hindi month will be Margshirsha. Transits On Doomsday On 21st Decembersun mxha rising at 7: Here, 3 digits of Jupiter are combining to form 9, which is indicating rage in intellectual people. Best quality gemstones with 212 of AstroSage. Pra is the suffix to the word Laya.

What profit is our Human Life, Unstable as a Wave.

Pralaya – The ‘End of Days’

Season of death will come in too. An old man who had guessed something like this would happen built an iron-reinforced raft, boarded it with his family, and was saved. Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: There have been at least five major ice ages in the Earth’s past. Soon a great flood came forth, and the people had to retreat to the highest peaks until the sea receded. What does the ‘End of the World’ mean to a person killed in a terrorist attack?

He explained that solar movements on Sun speed up every 11th year due to which the outer environment gets affected with internal blasts. There is a reason why MY preferred Modus Operandi if you can call it that of Destruction is ICE and in the current post, I’ll share with you descriptions from ancient scriptures to support the argument. Sign in New User? Jun 14, A very plausible scenario a decade ago but currently the chances of that seem a little less. Blog by Phani Boddupalli.


From time to time, one or the other of these meteors keeps scaring the scientists with its proximity to Earth.

Mwha Point Know more. Even if we believe in what this western scientist say, there are no such signs from India. Lokas, the Planets of Advanced Aliens. And, its results are said to be adverse. Hanumaan Mishra Doomsday – 21 December is Close! Pralaya – The ‘End of Days’. Jupiter moves to Scorpio till Novemberknow its effects on your life! Management Lessons from Ramayana. Yes, the day is not far which is considered as doomsday by so called movoe.

Pralaya – The ‘End of Days’

Yantra to pacify planets and have a happy life. Blasts on Sun are just so big that its effects can be seen easily on Earth too.

But, it is not indicating any adverse situation anyhow. Paid Services Reports. Articles Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Pre-glacial coastlines in Australia. Get your personalised horoscope based on your sign.