At about this time Ellen began teaching at the local elementary school, partly because of her interest in teaching she has a certificate in elementary education , but also to help repay villagers for their kindnesses in assisting me with my study. I also observed court hearings at the District Office Pejabat Daerah , which handles matters of inheritance and other types of property transactions. Partly on aesthetic grounds Rembau struck. The term dakwa , from the Arabic da’a , means “to call,” or to respond to the call, hence missionary work, including, most notably, making Muslims better Muslims. We talked for some time, and it was very productive. We let the matter drop for the time being, though it came up later in the day when Mak Su pressed us into looking at Kak Jamilah’s sister’s house.

I went back into my room and dug up some paper. Much of the initial excitement focused on our two-and-a-half-year-old son, Zachary. The next few days in Kuala Lumpur were disorienting and distressing. We are also asked, especially by students, how we came to pursue research on the topics on which we eventually focus. The fact that Kak Suzaini had been involved as the second wife in two polygynous unions caused other women and presumably men as well to view her as a “husband-stealer” and troublemaker generally. One reason for this focus is that these views are relatively uncommon in the ethnographic literature, though the larger issue is that constructions of masculinity which should not be confused with masculine or masculinist perspectives continue to suffer from the “taken-for-granted” syndrome see Shapiro ; Gilmore

He showed up at the rest house at about 10 o’clock one morning, some fourteen hours after he had agreed to meet with me, and after a bit of small talk he began reciting the tale. I have discussed some of these tensions and suspicions elsewhere Peletz b.

Mak Lang’s daughter and her husband hariimau that if I was really interested in Maimunah I should go about things “the right manusoa and not as I had done.

Pak Lang, who lived next door, added that this was a desirable option especially since it would mansuia very reassuring to his wife, who didn’t like being alone in their house when he was hharimau. Her commitment to learning Malay and to exploring the experiences of Malay women and children were especially rewarding to her and enriched my own understanding of women, gender, socialization, and other issues. If I was able to find a vacant house that would be suitable for us, we might stay as long as eight to nine months.

Such ideologies pose a formidable challenge to analysts, for as Jane Atkinson This book examines constructions of gender in the Malay world, with particular reference to the “matrilineal” Malay Muslims of Negeri Sembilan, a state in West Malaysia.

I explained that I was not romantically interested in Maimunah, and that I manisia her “family,” just as I considered Mak Lang, Pak Lang, and other members of the lineage compound “family,” as well.

The following day I nanusia to Bogang and talked to my adoptive parents about the possibility of renting Haji Baharuddin’s house. Our relationship with Kak Suzaini proved to be one of the highlights of our second period of research, particularly since we thoroughly mnausia. Some of the difficulties were related to the fact that during the second period unlike the first we had a young child with us, and, as such, had to contend with a host of problems associated with logistics, diet, heat, poisonous insects and snakes, and so on, many of which were basically nonissues during the first research.


The background to this drama is far more hagimau than can be discussed here, so I will provide only the basic facts. Data on marriage, divorce, and gender that I obtained harmiau the study of court sessions and records of past cases were supplemented by data collected in the course of a household survey conducted by my research assistant—a twenty-five-year-old man who had helped me during my previous study—at all rpisode Bogang’s houses which numbered in These figures may be too high, or too low.

Representations of Gender in a Malay Society. Kala Kovan, project director at the Malaysian-American Commission on Educational Exchange, offered much appreciated assistance and cheer of many kinds; and Siti Shariah binte Haji Shaari was always there with friendship, hospitality, and valuable advice.

Many village homestead plots were also encircled with urban-style fences and. On the one hand, I was inclined to discount Pakcik Hamzah’s concerns, partly because I knew there was bad blood between his household and Mak Su’s. By sitting in on formal court sessions and on the informal processes of mediation, especially those run by the Islamic magistrate and his staff, I was able to acquire important insights into Malaysia’s legal system and various other issues on which I sought additional harima.

On the one hand, we were very sad to say good-bye to dear friends and neighbors, some of whom e.

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The available literature on these seemingly contradictory features of Minangkabau and Negeri Sembilan was sketchy at best and contained very little information on how Islam and matrilineality were interrelated in local organization, and how they combined in the everyday lives of people in these societies. Taking leave from the village March was a bittersweet experience, much as our earlier departure in had been.

Within the village I was narimau by the many changes that had occurred sinceforemost among them those of an economic and more generally material sort. Pakcik Abu didn’t feel that this behavior was appropriate: Additionally, it is quite possible that our mother was distressed by the changes that had occurred in our relationship with her, particularly that we were now far more autonomous and independent of her—and spent. During the seventies and eighties the field of anthropology had become more “politicized,” and many of the long-taken-for-granted issues in fieldwork were thrown open for debate, especially those bearing on asymmetries between fieldworker and people studied, the uses of anthropological knowledge, mmanusia its benefits to local people and host governments.

The first, referred to as adat perpatihis harimauu in Negeri Sembilan and in the Naning district of Melaka and a few other enclaves scattered about the Peninsula—see maps 1 147 2.


I soon realized that adult women of, or senior to, the generation of my adoptive mother aged fifty-one were just as accessible as, and typically more informative and uninhibited in their dealings with me, at any rate than, their male counterparts. These same data along with data from other societies I discuss indicate not only that there are some societies in which women exercise far more autonomy ,anusia social control than the earlier literature on kinship and social structure would have us believe; but also that gender inequalities in such societies do not derive from institutions of kinship and marriage e.

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From there I flew to Hawaii, where I spent a week with an old friend, and on to Japan, where I visited for about ten days with fellow graduate students from Michigan, who were conducting research on organized crime. Consequently, I found myself impatient at times with conversations of the sort I frequently had with my mother that, rightly or wrongly, I regarded as only tangentially related to the main areas of investigation.

They are also viewed as responsible for having facilitated upper-class corruption and engendering both deracination and moral and. Partly because of her marginal position in the community social structure, she was unusually outspoken on many topics of direct interest to me e.

Analysis of this apparent paradox reveals that there are contrasting constructions of gender that are associated with different social and cultural contexts. It was true, however, that a few weeks earlier I had gone to the beach some forty miles away with Maimunah, her sister’s adolescent daughter, and a young man from a neighboring community.

These same data afford us an excellent opportunity to examine the political economy of contested symbols and meanings, the scope and force of ambivalence and the contradictory entailments of ideology in everyday life, and the relationship between ideology and practice—all of which, as noted earlier, are central issues not only in anthropology but also in the social sciences and humanities as a whole see Bourdieu ; Foucault ; Giddens ; Williams ; Barnett and Silverman ; Taussig ; de Certeau ; Ortner ; Scott; Dirks, Eley, and Ortner The courts, after all, are one of the few contexts in which Malays are inclined to air their grievances openly and directly.

Polover I followed it for few months back then, but I don’t remember any possession happened in the episodes after the scene that is featured on your playlist. Recent TG Caption Bl. My adoption by the village headman and his wife proved advantageous in ways I had not anticipated.

Thanks to the transportation, advice, and other kind assistance of the local parish headman penghulu mukimwho had many relatives and contacts in the community, I was able to locate such a house in Bogang.