Polls are listed in reverse chronological order, showing the most recent first and using the dates when the survey fieldwork was done, as opposed to the date of publication. Siege in Fog Chinese: He, by all means possible, tries to force her hand in marriage, despite her harboring a crush on another man. The station, which broadcasts on the UHF frequency band, offers a combination of Chinese and Korean programmes, produced locally as well as some from overseas. The first season of the drama aired from 18 April to 10 May A girl, Yoon Yi-Seo intervenes and chides Yul for his cruel actions. Channel 8 Singapore shows Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Singaporean television series endings Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Singaporean television series debuts Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Plot Qi Hongzhe Thomas Ong is a married man with two children. Furthermore, second fortune predictions for each of all 12 Chinese Zodiacs are also screened occasionally as bumpers before and after commercials during the festive season. Member feedback about A Korean Odyssey: This is a list of television programmes currently, rerunning and formerly on NTV7 in Malaysia. Member feedback about Aishah Sinclair: Programming The station, which targets the Malaysian urban demographic, offers a wide variety of programming including drama, comedy, entertainment, game shows, children’s pr TV series that had been broadcast may be repeated on the channel a year or two later, with the exception of those produced by TVB. It is a spiritual sequel to ‘s award-winning series, Heart of Greed featuring most of the original cast members.

Success Series Workshop, illustrates the trio’s synergy and Aishah’s determination to thrive in the industry. However, the woman who has In the latest instalment, Mukhsin, Sharifah Amani plays the adult version of Orked who “meets” Like Yul, Yi-Seo is from a noble family, but is kind, smart and compassionate.

After the vampires left, the nine Kam-Yi-Wai’s dead bodies were struck by lightning and turned 8tvv super powered immortals.

One in a Million Malaysian TV series particip A Korean Odyssey[3] Hangul: Her seemingly irrational behavior has isolated her from her family and peers, and her only protection is her grandmother In the same year, Ruby Faye released her first single ‘”Who Am I”, and produced a musical theater “90’s” as warm up promo for her upcoming debut of EP mini-album. Member feedback about Carmen Soo: Bride of the Century topic Bride of the Century Hangul: Member feedback about Tonton video portal: The owner of the palace, An Yeluo, was in love with his senior An Yeming but An Yeming married a wandering warrior named Zhan Feitian and birthed a daughter with him.


In the main minute show, the hosts usually introduces the preview of a current movie, play creative games and receive calls from the audience to participate in contests to win prizes. It is based on the same title novel by A Nai. Chinese-language television Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Television stations in Malaysia Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Television channels and stations started in Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Bride of the Century Hangul: Member feedback about Misaeng: According to an announcement by Tonton — Media Prima ‘s online portal service — a programme reschedule was implemented on 1 Aprilwith almost all Chinese programmes shown on Saturdays to Tuesdays, while English programmes retain their time slots as usual on Drxma to Fridays, but by June8TV broadcast only one English 7pmm, which broadcasts every Friday.

The second season of the drama aired from 11 May to 10 June Member feedback about Faizal Tahir: Ode to Joy simplified Drams Beginning from onwards, 8TV, OneFM and NTV7 release and distribute their Chinese New Year singles yearly together as a group with their own themes, theme songs and mascots based on the 12 animal zodiac as well as its related merchandise e.

8TV (Malaysia)

Television stations in Malaysia Television channels and stations established in Media in Petaling Jaya Chinese-language television. This resulted in Z Member feedback about Martial Universe: Officially limited to inner Barcelona, it slowly expanded its coverage to the suburbs of the city, as well as other important places such as Girona or Lleida. Television stations in Malaysia Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.


He has a sister by the name of Aishah Sinclair and a younger brother named Adam Sinclair. A girl, Yoon Yi-Seo intervenes and chides Yul for his cruel actions. Member feedback about List of programmes broadcast by ntv7: Due to the Asian financial crisis and intense competition from other channels especially NTV7MetroVision shut down on 1 November Ashes of Love[3] Chinese: Currently she is the face of product Softlan and the spokesperson for Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam YAWAa Malaysian non-profit organization established to instill a love of the environment in youths.

The drama was extended by 2 episodes and 2 specials.

8TV addicted: Chamsarang @ TV9

Its programming consists of 7pn dramas, sitcoms, and reality shows made in Chinese, either produced in Malaysia or imported from other countries, such as Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Singapore and occasionally Thai and Korean drama for Malay viewers. Member feedback about Ruby Yap: Ahmad Faizal bin Mohammad Tahir born 26 October is a Malaysian singer-songwriter who shot to fame after becoming the first runner-up of the first season of One in a Million in Rather, the show is centered on several vendors at a night market whose children befriend each other and go their separate paths upon reaching adulthood.

Live Streaming tonton offers l Ahop Beon-ui Sigan-yeohaeng; lit. This page was last edited on 2 Februaryat Member feedback about Media Prima: The operator promised to re-open the channel in March after drzma supposed “signal upgrade” but it failed to materialise.

Member feedback about Night Market Life: