Meanwhile, Christian and Tara make a decision regarding their relationship; Kat, Ben and Grace try to have some fun; and Ollie and Abigail get the offer of a lifetime. Archived from the original on 10 June Ollie is also revealed to be gay and admits to Sammy he likes him. Archived from the original on 22 January Saskia proposes to become Ben’s mentor; and everyone is worried when Christian and Abigail become friends. Tara, whose attitude has been influenced by Grace, drunkenly confronts Christian and Kat at the party, and tries to kiss Ben, but ends up throwing up and being given advice by Miss Raine. Grace eventually reveals the reason she left the Royal Ballet School in London was because she caused another girl to have a nervous breakdown and tells Abigail she “do[es]n’t care about being the best”. When he finishes, balloons fall down on the group, who embrace, while the judges look bewildered as Zach and Miss Raine also take to the stage.

Christian reluctantly beats Ben in the Street Beatz battle, then refuses to meet with Sammy’s father when he tries to make a donation to the academy in Sammy’s memory, upsets Jayden and goes surfing on the day of the final. Kat, acting on advice given to her by Abigail hatches a plan to get Tara and Ethan back together so that Ethan will have a reason to stay in Sydney and not abandon her like the rest of her family members. Retrieved 29 June Retrieved 31 May Archived from the original on 22 January The second years are auditioning for Coppelia but Lulu, top of the class, dictates who all the other girls are allowed to audition for. Ben changes his piece at the last minute but Miss Raine convinces Tara to do the piece she worked on with Saskia. After Tara goes to see Natasha in her dressing room before another performance and Natasha makes her leave, she realises why Kat has been mad at her for thinking so highly of her mother.

However, after running to class, Tara takes a fall, leaving Christian to carry her to the Academy to seek medical assistance.

Tara, Ben and Grace near the end of their stint as fill-ins for Gisellebut Saskia arranges an acadeemy audition xbc3 Ben with The Company’s artistic director Sir Jeffrey. Ben goes out of his way to get Tara to like him again, singing and dancing in front of the other students. Tara looks for a new crush, saying that there are no crush-worthy guys at the school, when Ben kisses her. Tara resigns from the company.


This page was last edited on 7 Octoberat Petra Hoffman is excited when she is asked to stay at the Academy, however, the Berlin Ballet Company offers her a contract.

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Grace starts meddling in Ms. Meanwhile, Sammy is annoyed by criticism from Ollie, Grace is strangely enjoying her intense practice with Zach, and Abigail’s ballet teacher mother Anthea arrives at the academy, revealing family troubles and wanting Abigail to dance her old Helen Keller role. Tara educates Kat in every aspect of the art form of crushes. Grace makes things awkward between Abigail and Ethan when she says they obviously are dating acafemy other, making Abigail tense and amusing Ethan.

To determine which is more important, with Sammy’s help, Tara makes a list of pros and cons about Ethan. Kat continues practicing for the Moulin Rouge, but arrives late and unprepared.

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After his performance, they find out the truth but are mostly unfazed. Tara’s back injury becomes a problem and she is told to take time off from rehearsals; with her audition coming up in a few weeks, she goes to see Dznce, who Rebecca has dismissed from the company, for advice.

Archived from the original on 22 January After the first-years flour bomb the second-years in the middle of the night, both years become competitive and schedule a hip hop dance-off. Sammy becomes jealous and starts to rance he might have feelings for Christian. Retrieved 9 June Abigail continues to cause trouble for Tara. Kat helps a group of girls for a high school assignment seaon making an expressionist music and movement routine, enlisting the help of her dance friends.

Season 3 Episode Guide. Ollie begins flirting with the male lead of the film. By using this site, you agree acadeym the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sammy decides to have the others on stage with him despite the rules, but in the end, settles on a video montage accompanying his dance.

Despite training from Christian and Abigail, she is rejected. Meanwhile, Abigail attempts to gain the top spot in the contemporary ballet; and Kat’s insecurities episdes.



Retrieved 2 June A film sequel to the television series, Dance Academy: Kat leaves the Academy with Myles to road-trip around Australia, and Sammy tries to convince his father to continue letting him attend the Academy. Sammy and Abigail decide to step up their relationship on the night of the school formal.

Archived from the original on 24 June Grace and Abigail also participate in the flash mob with Ethan as the cameraman. Raine’s private life so that Ms. Tara and Christian have to ask each other questions for this same assignment where Christian tells her that aczdemy mother died. Meanwhile, Kat turns up for her first-year exams despite being given a break.

Meanwhile, a movie requiring dancers hosts auditions at the academy, with Kat and Abigail auditioning for minor roles. Tara meets prestigious former student Saskia Duncan, who invites her to a performance of The Firebirdand tells her stories of her busy dancing ddance since, which makes Tara doubt her future with Christian as well as his dedication to becoming a professional dancer; Saskia later falls during a performance and potentially ends her career.

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First-year student Ben Tickle is put in second-year classes because of his talent, but gets off on the wrong foot with the students, namely Sammy and Christian, for being judgemental saying things are “gay” and a little self-absorbed, telling people to call him “Benster”; he initially throws a party for himself on Observatory Hillbut no one attends. Abigail recruits two admiring first-year vance to dig up dirt on Grace, who has ranked first in every class after the first week.

Kat also tells Christian that although she may have feelings for him, she knows that he’s only pretending not to still have feelings for Tara, who is literally being pushed to the limit in practice by Saskia, who injures Tara’s back by stretching her leg in exaggerated arabesque position to reprimand her.

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