I doubt there was a dry eye in the theater at the end. I didn’t even try to explain that they don’t let doctors get shot at, even on a FST team. I was down in KW when some of the Florida Keys sequences were being shot, but while I didn’t see anything at the time, it was certainly the talk of the town all over SoFl. Definitely better than Hurt Locker, which I’m still upset over the two hours of my life I wasted on that pile of s–t. I viewed it as a Military Themed “Die Hard” type movie; crappy acting, lots of explosions, i. Much better than the false bravado gung ho “yes sir right away sir” bullshit you see so much of in the typical Hollywood military movie. I about half expected the guy with the eye patch at the funeral to have the SEAL crested glass eye.

We meet one who is severely wounded while he is recovering. There definitely was more than just that one-time screening. I saw the movie tonight with my wife. I was truly humbled by the whole experience. If anything it only got better. I ran across this trailer on the Forged Clothing Facebook page. And we thought it was bad now?!: Home Redbox Codes Membership.

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I’ll see it again on Wednesday if it is still showing locally. Not all the camera assistant’s fault though. I suspect that a lot of redhox and tactics that may have been employed in certain scenarios presented in the film were deliberately omitted in favor of what is already public knowledge.


They were a group of professionals that went in and did what had to be done. Where “Blackhawk” did not advertise as having true combantants, that was “Valor’s” main theme, i. I will admit to my un-Christian smile and happiness when I read that the warlord who was the primary target catches Gr.

Couple other small things but the tactics are pretty spot on.

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A complete difference in writing technique. I thought it was a pretty damn good movie, all in all. Act Of Valor definitely made my day, and it certainly left an impression on both of us. They just had an interview with the producers on Fox News Avildsen and launched the career of Sylvester Vallor and a whole series of sequels.

In the final act, I’m supprised there weren’t more bad guys. At the end of the movie where I saw it, the audience ov.

More Blu-ray releases at Videodrone. Something else I really liked was the lack of political correctness.

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Anyone got any hints how I can tell the wife I need to have some alone time for a couple of hours? Saw it last night with the wife. He’s a SEAL but is now working in a support role. Every part of it rang true to me well, rerbox, the ramp thingy.

The filmmakers see ‘Valor’ as, among other things, a corrective to the anti-military distortions that have streamed from Hollywood for decades. Not that Shane is to blame, but an alert AD could have prevented that whole encounter.


I think it comes out on DVD today. What they were able to do with those cameras really adds to the feel of the movie. Hollywood, oscar, picture, watch God i miss the 80s – Movies Page 3: The wife answered my letter with great courtesey and courage, telling me it was a lift to her now grown children that their Father died a hero. I am soooo ready to see this movie and no one has it as of yet.

It is, however, extremely moving to watch, and I will likely see it again I loved the Roman Polanski reference, that was funny.

I saw the movie tonight with my wife. I didn’t understand that bit at the funeral, however. Overall, a good movie.

If thats the case, I get why he left. Hopefully the trailer isn’t the best part of the movie. Act of Valor If your topic has nothing to do with Spyderco, you can post it here.

Just got home from the theater His company runs a class and my company runs a class. It ultimately is a requiem for a dying race, as well as a gorgeous picture that follows the loony logic of a waking dream.