Internet voting ended on November 9, After Dark Films produced and distributed both Slaughter and Perkins’ 14 , making these the first films that the company has produced and then released as part of the 8 Films to Die For. The four finalists were chieko13, msblackbetty, darkspidernyc, and Ysabella Brave. The movie would certainly appeal to those die hard horror fans who love their graphic violence and running from crazy, psychotic killers. It really is a shame that the ending played out like it did, but some folks just love for a movie to leave it all to the imagination. The main mystery to the movie stayed that way, as if they forgot that they even included it earlier in the movie! While recovering, and while trying to put all of the pieces together, she and those around her try and figure out if something is really going on, or if Gina suffered more damage from the accident than once assumed.

She’s a photographer, who, at the age of 32, has just been dumped by her longtime boyfriend. Better known as Piak Poster, Somboonsuk directed a string of classic youth-oriented movies in the s. Their 8 Films to Die For are custom built for the die-hard horror fan, with none of that PG crap — no, no, these are real horror movies that are graphic and completely unapologetic. As this goes on, many people die seemingly by their own hands while the conservative town refuse to acknowledge it as anything but suicide. Archived from the original on 11 October Retrieved from ” https: In French with English subtitles at 7. Eventually, his talent is too tempting to ignore when it comes to the murder of his girlfriend and he tries to find her killer.

For more information, call 02ext. In what was a depressing turn of events, though, this movie began doing things that made no afyer to me. Songyos Sugmakanan DormHormones directs.

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The movie is advertised as being “in 4D with Aroma-Scope”, meaning it’s in 3D and you’re supposed to seasin a scratch-and-sniff card to use during certain scenes to add that fourth dimension.

Nobita and the New Steel Troops — The little boy Nobita and his earless robotic cat friend Doreamon build a giant robot that turns into a weapon in the fight against an invading robot army.

While they all seem to be all right, side for the sore body parts and such, they all jump into the ambulance that arrives to get a basic check-up and to get to a phone.

Many cinemas may be closed and events might be horrorfesr, so perhaps call ahead before you go. Perkins 14 Directed by: The main mystery to the movie stayed that way, as if they forgot that they even included it earlier in the movie!

Embedded above is a video that explains the flooding situation.


And, her two stepchildren Rowan Blanchard and Mason Cook are drawn into the plot when they are recruited by the spy kids division. Later he’s back in Bangkok and has a Thai girlfriend Sajee Apiwongand can’t relate to her either. At Apex Siam Square. On the other hand, I became so annoyed at them that it distracted me.

There’s also an official YouTube channelwhich includes the trailer embedded belowcool clips from the soundtrack and a couple of short films by Aditya that are closely seaaon to Hi-So — 6 to 6 part 2 here and Bangkok Blues part 2 here. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

How To Train Your Dragon: You might emerge from a movie to find yourself stranded. Arjun Rampal and Kangana Seasin also star.

After Dark Horrorfest

Drive Nicolas Winding Refn, the Danish director of such cult films as the Pusher trilogy, Valhalla Rising and Bronsonwon best-director honors at this year’s Cannes Film Festival for his latest triumph, Drivewhich takes the Los Angeles crime thriller for seasin spin.

Many roads are under water. Only very late in the movie does one of them smartly jump into a cell, but even then — without spoiling anything — confusion is the end result. Among the first films to be listed as national heritage by the Culture, the clip was filmed by Tae Prakardwuttisan, who made several documentary records during the era.

There were moments where I thought that Perkins 14 could be one of my favorites of the eight films. The Lion King — Back in cinemas in 3D for just two weeks, Disney’s animated tale takes on dark Shakespearian tones as it follows the life of a lion cub who would be king, who is betrayed by his evil uncle Scar. After Dark Horrorfest also known as “8 Films to Die For” was an annual horror film festival featuring eight independent horror movies, sometimes with “secret” bonus films, all distributed by After Dark Films in the USA.

It really is a shame that the ending played out like it did, but some folks just love horrorfesf a movie to leave it all to the imagination. If there is, I imagine that this one particular scene will not be on it! Dying Breed Directed by: Dream House — Soon after moving into their cozy new home, a family learns of a brutal crime committed against former residents of the dwelling, and the dad Daniel Craig is in for a shock when he finds out who perpetrated the killings.

As they do each year in memory of Mitr, the Thai Film Archive will have a special program including some of Mitr’s movies. Slaughter is a simple, yet fairly effective little horror movie. Dying Breed is an Australian horror movie which takes the real-life story of Alexander Pearce — a man who horrorfesy hanged in for cannibalism — and builds a horror movie around it.


Well, there you have it. While obviously shaken up by this unbelievable occurrence, Gina is in a nasty head-on traffic collision. He’d like to tell her that he’s gay, but can’t bring himself to do so and slips ever deeper into his lies.

Gosling has his scorpion just like Thailand as the Red Eagle, Refn said at the recent press screening, referring to Insee Dang, the masked vigilante most famously portrayed in Thai films of the s by superstar Mitr Chaibancha. So he made it an independent project. In French with English subtitles at 7. Some parts I thought were good and I found myself curious as to how things would play out; while other areas really got on my nerves.

Because of this immense hatred for the original, I had a faint horrorrfest that maybe, just maybe, this independent third movie in the franchise would score an upset and turn out being better than the original.

There have been more than 30 of these annual Doreamon movies, based on the long-running Japanese seson and anime series by Fujiko F. Posted by Wise Kwai at He’s a kung-fu sorcerer who makes it his mission in life to root out evil demons and monsters.

One hit or miss for viewers will be hirrorfest violence. Critical reception of this psycho-thriller is mostly negative.

The main character, Dwayne, and those around him began doing and horrorfrst things that had me actually yelling at the TV.

Three weeks later, the 4 finalists were picked: Archived from the original on You can speak English or Japanese and you don’t eat Thai food. He tinkered with it so much, atter studios rejected it, saying it wasn’t the film he’d promised them. Jessica Alba heads the cast in this one.

Also opening In Time — Justin Timberlake is a man living in the future when everyone stops ageing at 25, and time is literally money. Enthusiasts of contemplative cinema, as well as as fans of indie Thai films and Ananda will probably enjoy Hi-Sowhich despite all the brooding by its star, has its entertaining moments, thanks in large part to the two fabulous female leads and a colorful supporting cast. She’s a young mother who retired from her life as a secret agent after her last mission went awry.

The movie would certainly appeal to those die hard horror fans who love their graphic violence and running from crazy, psychotic killers.

As you approached the end of the film, you prepared yourself for the big reveal: