Unknown 17 January at Well said, what does a grown man want with a 17 year old anyway. It did not distract for me. Image search is one of the main sources for users to get pictures. Sonho Meu 4 October at Is there a second season?

A favorable or advantageous circumstance or combination of circumstances. She came back to him because she realized she loved him. I do not believe it ended, for some reason they did not complete production, possibly because of finances. Whatever the reason for ending it, is not acceptable. I looked at the last episode again and it looks like Sinan was shot by crazy Darien, you see a woman in high heels walking away. Where were you guys going with this, and why on earth did Sinan’s mom not have her cell phone and call for help?

In any case, it must be a warning indication of whether the show is complete or not.

Ahbabto Tifla Season 2 Youtube –

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Please make season two!!! The way Sinan said “what are you doing here? Anyway, I hope that they can make season 2 with a shorter number of episodes.


Ahbabto Tifla Season 2 Youtube

However, after watching 79 episodes and not able to watch season 2 is very upsetting. Unknown 4 September at My stream My TV My friends.

Unknown, I blame the writers who didn’t make Sinan have any depth until the very end so I figure a different writer weighed in on changing it I bet the writers had to can it because of current politics Beth 2 September at Or it could have been Derin whose legs we see with the high heels.

I rolled my eyes at his constant need to talk to or see her. I think I would have stopped watching before the end if she did.

Estaremos subiendo paulatinamente El Diazepam y sus mil efectos secundarios. Fleets glycerin suppositories pregnancy. I agree, I’m in mourning the day after I finished it. Did he meet his ex and encourage her to appear to teach Mine a lesson?

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The cast of actors were amazing. I think she made the right choice. Timur at least is a man. Where were you guys going with this, and why on earth did Sinan’s mom not have her cell phone and call for help? Sinan tries to kill Timur for loving Mine, but Derin distracts him and kills Funda as revenge.


Did he shoot Sinan? I stopped liking the character of Timur and even felt upset at Mine – how could her big love change??


Seto who swears by it. I just finished the 79 episodes on Netflix and could not be any more disturbed!! We never even saw her.

Did Mine and Timur get married? He was the love child of Sebahat and her ex, Hasan.

He is not handsome enough for that role. It made me so angry. Hoping to find some more movies with him. I will just write my own in which Sinan recovers and reunites with Mine and his son and have all the happiness that he so richly deserves. Rosangelly 10 August at Unknown 26 September at Secondly, when you watch for 79 very slow episodes with an incredible amount of flashbacks, romantic dreaming, etc, you would like to get to the point at some stage.

Unknown 26 July at It could have been the rough uncle of the episdoe little girl whom Sinan was sheltering along with the young mother.