Koyomi thinks that he could agree with this because he owes Tsubasa his life, but Hitagi and her vow to avenge him come to his mind and he decides he does not want to die. They talk for a long time while Mayoi gives Koyomi some friendly advice. Yozuru tells Araragi that he will die before he becomes able to learn her technique. Yotsugi reassures him that he had nothing to do with her decision. Mayoi takes Koyomi to meet Teori, who offers him a way to return to the world of the living as a human. Along the way, Suruga vaguely confides in Koyomi, telling him of how in their own ways, Rouka, Kaiki, and even her own mother had told her to stay out of this issue, and that time would make things okay in the end.

She wants to pay him back for helping her, but he declines all her proposals. Hitagi, relieved and crying, thanks him for his services. Retrieved from ” https: He resolves to do his best to put things in balance before leaving for college. Nadeko awakens in the next day with Tsukihi, who had snuck into Koyomi’s bed with the intention of sleeping beside him, at her side. He instead instructs Yotsugi to find the hostages, and use her power to immediately get away, while he distracts Teori. During the fight he sees that the assailant has bandages dangling from its left arm. During the intervening time when Sengoku was lording over the shrine, Koyomi used his powers as a vampire every day in an effort to save her.

On Mother’s Day Koyomi sits in the center of a vast playground, reminiscing about his family, and his mountain bike.

Ajimu Beach Story Episode 2 [English Sub]

Kaigna suggests not to, as it would be awkward for Shinobu to introduce herself on such an odd note. She teases him and “asks” him to go on a date in a very roundabout fashion. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. He says that Rouka told him. Fearing for the worse, Tsubasa attempts to hold Hitagi back to no avail but claims that she will not attack Sodachi for injuring her boyfriend.

Teori gets ready to fight Koyomi, stating that he’s sick of being manipulated and used like a pawn.


Yotsugi informs Koyomi that he can still use his blood to feed Shinobu, but he shouldn’t do it too often, and not to the point where he gains any powers. She tells them that the task she asked Koyomi to do was, in fact, related to the enemies they had encountered so far and the main objective was the samurai armor, who she tells them is actually the first minion of Shinobu mentioned in Onimonogatari.

Koyomi’s monologue concludes by foreshadowing that this arc is the beginning of the end of the series.

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As Koyomi’s vampire powers had not disappeared yet, they conclude that Shinobu is still alive but with Koyomi’s powers weakening, it means that they have to find her before she is killed for good. He reasons that if he’s going to be involved with Yozuru and Yotsugi, Tsukihi might be in danger, as she is still an immortal phoenix. She then suggests that if she were to get close enough to Teori, she could use her powers to kill him before he has a chance to react.

Karen is inflicted with the poison by Kaiki during their confrontation and Kaiki escapes, leaving Karen paralyzed on the floor from the poison. Izuko reveals herself as her aunt, but she doesn’t want to be introduced to her as spisode to spare Suruga’s feelings. Retrieved from ” https: Shinobu disputes this, saying kaiggan the human parts of Yotsugi’s nature fpisode because she needs to interact with humans, rather than a desire of hers to become human.

Yotsugi and Yozuru disagree, stating that the kidnapping happening the day Koyomi finds out he transformed into vampire is much too coincidental. Hitagi then reveals that Nadeko must kill her, Shinobu and Koyomi in this order or she may end up being killed by either Hitagi or Shinobu, and in exchange for this information, Nadeko agrees to return to kill them all at the day of their graduation. She also bluntly states that she is a lesbian, which is hard for Koyomi to swallow. Suruga Kanbaru, an underclassman, meets him as she is running, and she voices her admiration for him.


Finally, Koyomi gives Suruga a haircut, one that is more suited for playing sports. Retrieved January 3, While waiting for Hitagi to arrive, Koyomi begins to find out more about Mayoi’s life.

He can’t help but feel that someone else has manipulated events so that it would turn out to be him fighting Koyomi. At the study session with Hitagi, the two discuss their future after high school, but things quickly deteriorate when Koyomi mentions Suruga. Once back home, Koyomi has another encounter with Ougi.

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Soon after, the same being that Koyomi met attacked them and Shinobu barely escaped alive, taking with her the demon hunter’s hand by accident, which she used to revive him as a servant of hers just like Koyomi. After letting off all anguish she harbored on him all that time, Hitagi lets Kaiki leave unharmed, and claiming she can finally move on with her life, she asks Koyomi to spend the night with her. Flashbacks show how Tsubasa turned into a white “cat-woman” and kaigzn people by absorbing their vitality.

Tsubasa presents the idea that Shinobu hid one of the smaller donuts within a larger one, meaning Koyomi would have eaten the evidence of the remaining donut.

On his way to Hitagi’s house, Koyomi stumbles on Mayoi again and confides to her about his sister’s situation.

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Automatically share your activity on Facebook. We’ve received your report and will correct the listing shortly. After a brief phone conversation with Hitagi, Kaiki decides to visit the Polar Snake Shrine to learn more about Nadeko. Once they reach the shrine, Koyomi and Suruga discover a number of dismembered snake corpses in what appears to be some sort of ritual.

However, the man blamed her for all that happened and unable to reason with him, Shinobu watched him committing suicide by exposing himself to the sunlight.