The ship is unable to leave, and the understudies are sent to gather data on the planet they landed on. Chieri finally reaches her father and is told to exhibit her singing skills but witnesses her father assassinated by a person unknown in front of her when it just seems as if the former became friendlier towards her again. Tsubasa announces a variety show starring the understudies. E6 Inheritor of the Light Rumors spread about who could potentially succeed Atsuko. And when a new and more powerful enemy appears, the girls will have to dance away from danger once again. In contrast to the Japanese dub, in the English dub they are all voiced by professional voice actors and actresses. E1 The Young Girl’s Trial Following the events on Lancaster, the girls enjoy a well deserved celebration where Tsubasa makes an unexpected announcement.

Anime and Manga portal. They end up in the middle of nowhere, forcing to leave some of the understudies behind. E3 Idols Before Dawn The understudies participate in a handshake event. Nagisa becomes worried about her father and soon loses her voice. The first season aired in Japan between April and July whilst the second season aired between January and March But as the DES attack becomes too intense, the concert ends earlier, and the group is forced to move out of Lancastar, heading to their next stage. Episode Ardyn – Prologue Cannon Busters

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The trial itself made Chieri famous throughout the galaxy and receives more work such as photoshoots. Chieri’s father starts developing artificial Kiraras while Tsubasa becomes curious as to how they were able to break into Kasumigastar englksh easily earlier. Held as heroines by some and labeled as terrorists by others, they take up arms to bring their music to their fans wherever they are.


Anime and Manga portal. The story follows a group of young hopefuls as they train to become the next generation of AKB Chieri and Nagisa later sneak on board of one of Zodiac’s ships, taking them to Sagittariusstar so that Chieri can confront her father face to face. I Already Have an Account.

Innocent Sin Devil Summoner: The other characters are also voiced by professional voice actor and actresses. Some time later, the Kirara of Succession show the original Atsuko’s image, foretelling that someone may succeed her soon.

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August 1, [30] Label: Since the government sees the existence of the idol group as illegal, the idol group cannot hold their concerts officially. Mikako unknowingly informs Chieri’s father of the three conditions required for initiating the Center Nova phenomenon. Yuko starts practicing alone causing concern among the members. The understudies have faith in their fans.

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Four years prior to the story, Chieri Sonowhile visiting Lancastar with her father, invites Nagisa MotomiyaOrine Aida and Yuuka Ichijo to watch AKB’s dangerous performance at the planet’s mining site as they battle the DES soldiers which attracts and inspires episoee to join the idol group. Four years later, Star Calendar YearNagisa, Orine and Yuuka pass the idol group’s first found audition and thus embark on a journey to Akibastar, the homeland of AKB despite Nagisa’s father’s disapproval of joining the idol group.

This game is no longer in service as of When the Promised Flower Bloomsalso director. All the choreographies are planned by Mr. Nagisa becomes worried about her father and soon loses her voice.

In several planets of this new society led by a totalitarian government, the Deep Galactic Trade Organization [DGTO], things that “disturb the heart” like music and art are forbidden. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Manager Tsubasa announces to bring back the general elections and the Center Nova position.


Take Me Now Waiting for Payday. Meanwhile, all the girls vie for the Center Nova position! Later, a meeting with father and daughter turns disastrous.

Hisone and Masotan From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Magical Girls Club Sasami: E1 The Young Girl’s Trial Following the events on Lancaster, the girls enjoy a well deserved celebration where Tsubasa makes an unexpected announcement.

The second season aired between January 5, and March 30, and was simulcast by Crunchyroll. Chieri tells Nagisa about how she came to learn of AKB, leading to her first meeting with the members.

Also joining are Makoto Yokomizo, the timid girl, Suzuko Kanzaki, a bespectacled girl and Sonata Shinonome, an energetic young girl. Nevertheless, she and her teammates show their fighting spirit to reclaim Akibastar.

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The concert is held despite the threats and Nagisa’s loss of voice but is interrupted in the middle by a DES attack. When the idol group holds its concert at Lancastar, the DES know about it already and enforces stronger control over Lancastar; the WOTA hardcore fans protect the idol group along the way. The legendary idol group AKB48 is later resurrected as the interplanetary troupe AKB, made up of girls who carry on the title and spirit of the original members.