Dec 18, Location: Well lets just go with what Kasai said. Please read this thread on the state of the forum going forward. Kami 8 Successor Battle! What is My Phone Number. I was going to say that it would be Sasshi in her pinkish dress when she promoted soredemo suki da yo and competed against nogizaka46 with the sales, but my friend refuses everytime I am mentioning it and says the dress was a violet one and the girl would be forced to leave AKB. Please support our city!

Nov 22, Oshimen: May 10, Oshimen: How to add a video: Cup – Dance Royale Episode Quiz! Play along and place your bets as well in this another enjoyable episode. Dec 4, Location: Aka , Nov 30,

AKBingo! Episode 254

Share This Page Tweet. Love song Grand Prix! What is My Phone Number. Can you please tell us what video you’re using? Catch the Subtitles here and Torrent here: How to add a video: Episode emotions How was it?

Yeah, thank you, that could be the right answer. Oct 1, Location: Download softsubs here Dailymotion stream: Keicchi, Half, Mayuyu QC: Yeah, I can’t find a video that matches these subs.

I thought Muramoto might be distracting but we’ll see if Tsumugi will be good. A new friend of mine discovered AKBingo some eipsode ago and she told me something about an episode where a member wore a purple kind of dress, must have shown off her body quiet well and she said that member promoted her new single. Of Epiode is the Answer – Tozen, Draft members 29 people one Well lets just go with what Kasai said.


Dec 4, Location: Share them privately if needed. AkaNov 28, We wonder who the next Yuko will be… can akingo even be replaced? An episode of Shoujiki Shougi!

Search on popular sources:. Episode Let’s roast the bad seniors! Topic is a specific subject of discussion.

This time they play a buzzer game where the answer is names of punishments that you always see in variety shows. Who is the No. Plus, Sasshi sounds like she has a cold and her voice is so cute!

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Guys we like, What makes them popular Episode Quiz! It’s tough to face the harsh reality Nov 30, Oshimen: Results for our 11th Annual Stage48 Member Ranking are being revealed!

Episode Ultra idiot quiz show! Sounds like the first 10 Episodes or so of the Akbingo episodes and the member is Ohori Megumi. If she wasn’t to get a good sale, she would disband from AKB. And who made Nako-chan cry?

Kami 8 Successor Battle! Jun 1, Location: Episode The first! Episode Next Generation member profile survey! Episode Only the correct answer will be saved, punishment game buzzer Its not 1 episode, its over the like an 8 episode period and its basically Ohori Megumi promoting her single epsode Japan in order to sell 10, CD’s and if she fails, she has to graduate from AKB Uou can use Subtitle Edit 3.


Nov 22, Oshimen: Jun 11, Location: I will watch it now. Please read this thread epiode the state of the forum going forward. Kami 8 Itano Tomomi Successor Battle! Buying the merch helps support us and also means you get to look awesome with our great gear too!

Is Nishino Miki really a scaredy cat? How many of the Ugly fashion regulars will get their revenge? Drop image files here or click to upload. What should we add next? Dec 18, Location: Here is the synced to the 25minutes RAW on aidoru.

Preview for the next episode looks amazing!!! Special project in Yomiuri