How can I give you sadness? Amrit Manthan Last update: Amrit manthan 3 october full episode. Yash smiles and tells him to drink his milk quietly. Aarti tells him to do properly as she is not having any effect of it. Happy Birthday is playing in the BG. Saraswati asks Krishna to take ravi along with him. Did we teach you like this to insult your parents by disobeying??

Aarti is really scared and tensed. Aarti requests Yash to drink first. Anonymous 15 February at Aarti just looks on at yash. Yash starts massaging, but he is not comfortable. Part 2 Madhu says.. Look at most relevant Amrit manthan 3 october full episode download websites out of 4. Punar Vivaah zindegi milegi dubara TV Show.

Yash tells his father that it was getting late and that he has to arrange money soon. So Pa Dubey tells her that he is calling Prashant to let him know about Ansh and see if he can help with ransom… Shobha tells him there is no need as Yash will manage but Pa Dubey still has a hope that his son will feel. Jaata hai tu Kahaan plays, Yash is trying to join all the pieces together, Dubey gifts yash a teddy bear. The last Epi of AM which ended on a happy note.

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Aarti tells him to do properly as she is not having any effect of it. She says I am asking you babuji that you are also a father then how can you be so hard. Part 2 Madhu says. Shammo cares for her lots.! Omg I like this! Suraj does his performance on Dard-e-disco. Shaileja shares her concern about gunjan and Mayank with shobha and Mrs Kaushik.

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Trish cuts the call.! Posted by Mohammed Akram at And now I am taking this symbol of our love, your ansh and our aayu along with me.

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Aarti is tensed as she looks at the curious yash. Epsode is delighted, Yash still pretty much confused here.

Shobha was just speechless and glares at Gayatri with full anger and Gayatri does the same. Pintu is confused, he gets a call from Krishna but disconnects it again. 19rh the post for more. She says you did not even think once that they may kill my son?? She pretends to be innocen. I am not alone, I have ansh and our child with me.

I stayed away from amanv for 18 years.

She says that Shammo became their wall. Read request about written update so doing it. Lovely buys a Radha krishan Photo for them.

Trust Yash he will do something.

Krishna is on her way to meet Pintu, just when she gets kidnapped. I Love you yash Ji. His parents looks at him and do not like his statement. Trish faints and falls in the cabin!

When to breathe or not.? The guy from Maayka arrives. Zeeworld latest update TV Season. Ammrit have to cut the cake too. Paddo tells Madhu that she is happy Madhu comes but what about Radha? Yash asks where are you going? I thought she was with bhua?


This hand had sadness. Pari says, I will find it and give it to you. Yash Ji I am Pregnant. Amrit Manthan Serial Life Ok – fangeload. How can I give you sadness?

Ansh smiles and whistles.

Amrit manthan 11th october 2012 written episode

Amrit Manthan – 23rd March Yug informs Amrit that he has canceled. Pa Scindhia was looking in their direction. He adds very gravely that when I got married I promised myself that I will not let Ansh be neglected anytime and I will take care of Ansh as I am taking care of Payal and Palak. After they pass cup to each other amrjt like million times, Ansh says, cup got empty since long time, then what are you drinking?

Vidhi then says, I actually need to my necklace back which you wore other day when going for shoot. Aarti and Yash look at each other.

Zara calls out to shobha and says that she found the CD. Times have changed therefore we should chance. I will go to bhabhi. Why writteh you send him with your bahu??? Punar Vivah 15th May Written Episode.