After the rerun ended in ETV Plus, the show began airing again from the following week, in the same channel at 6: Shankar conceived the film in mid during the period of his previous film. The serial was popular since it first aired in She is ambitious and smart. Sundaram is a server who joins Amrutha Vilas when Sarvam dreams of going to Canada. Parandhamayya played by Devadas Kanakala is Amrutham’s father-in-law. The belt is unique and passed on as an heirloom in his family. He started his film career with Grahanam.

For a while, she stays with her sister and brother-in-law while studying in a university. Their actual launch finally arrived in September, as a result, they re-launched themselves in order to shift their target market segment from mass market to that of upwardly mobile young professionals. The movie received good reviews from critics and audience after the movie released in August He also fails to raise civic awareness due to pervasive corruption, Anniyan creates a website, compiles a list of wrongdoers from his site, and kills them using punishments described in the Garuda Puranam, one of the ancient Hindu scriptures. Appaji , played by Sivannarayana is the owner of all the houses that Amrutham runs the restaurant in. Then, Hamsas sister informs Raghu that Hamsa told her that Saketh had cheated him, later, she also informs him that Seetha is also innocent and Saketh is the one, who killed Hamsa.

For the hijack operation, he organised a group of four intelligent men who were in dire need for money and who do not have a criminal record. He is a sharp yet appajo middle-aged man.

Sreial was telecast on Gemini TV on Sundays at 8: When he was nine years old, he lost his mother, at the age of six, Rajinikanth was enrolled at the Gavipuram Government Kannada Model Primary School where he had his primary education. Rajinikanth — Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, known by his mononymous stage name Rajinikanth, is an Indian film actor who works primarily in Tamil cinema. At an average altitude of metres, much of Hyderabad is situated on hilly amruhtam around artificial lakes, established in by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, Hyderabad remained under the rule of the Qutb Shahi dynasty for nearly a century before the Mughals captured the region.


Pre-production for Anniyan began in November and principal photography in Marchthe making of the film, which included numerous production delays, took 14 months. Appajiplayed by Sivannarayana is the owner of all the houses that Amrutham runs the restaurant in.

Sarvamplayed by Vasu Inturi is an all-rounder at the restaurant.

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Amrutham Serial February 19 at 9: It was telecast on Gemini TV on Sundays at 8: Rubber Balaji is a cousin of Amrutham and a TV serial director. Amrutham Serial February 1 at Santhaplayed by Ragini is Anji’s wife.

Tamil Nadu is home to natural resources. From Wikipedia, the free serlal. It is the longest run and most popular Telugu sitcom. Soon he gets shocked as the girl, who brings him to Saketh, is other than Hamsas sister. Similar to Episode She mostly stays in her native village to take care of their son. The city continued as the capital of Hyderabad State after it was brought into the Indian Union insinceRashtrapati Nilayam in the city has been the winter office of the President of India.

He does not let his wife cook at his home and takes parcels from Amrutha Vilas for free by virtue of being the owner of the house. Appaki office has a Tax Audit.

Amrutham’s office has a Tax Audit. The serial was popular since it first aired in An unimaginable twist happens after they close the hotel.


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However, the bag in which the money is kept in has a bomb in it, when Kumar tells the others that he has done this, they back out, peisodes he also joins with them, just in time. Episode 2 Raghu reveals Sakeths truth to Mangamma and Janardhan saying that he has proofs for everything, Saketh, who is drunk, refuses to agree with Raghu.

She is ambitious and smart. As many as 11 directors debuted with this serial.

Start your weekend by watching this hilarious comedy episode BoothaVilas from Amrutham!! Indian television sitcoms Telugu-language television programs. The technical departments were headed by V. InMughal viceroy Asif Jah I declared his sovereignty and created his own dynasty, the Nizams dominions became a princely state during the British Raj, and remained so for years, with the city serving as its capital. He dislikes his son-in-law for his inability to properly perform any task assigned to him.

Amrutham Serial – Dupavali

Tamil Nadu — Tamil Nadu is one of the 29 states of India. He is gullible like Sarvam and is devoted to him. Direction is his passion and his “Veyipudakalu” TV soap was a big hit.

The film was remade in Tamil as Srial, irfan Khan is a key mafia affiliate in Mumbai.

They find a bag, which they had lost previously, with that they find a note from Zaheer explaining everything. Adichanallur has been announced as a site for further excavation. Sarvamplayed by Vasu Inturi is an all-rounder at the restaurant.

Often, they end up in a disaster.