James Tod, the historian of the Rajputs, who brought them back to London in Augustine , Expositio evangelii secundum Johannem []. Layton, “The First Printed Greek” , pp. The De herba vettonica is presented mistakenly in this edition as the first chapter of the Herbarium. Ulpianus Sophista , Scholia in Demosthenem []. A row breaks out in the Indian capital over whether Delhi university should teach a controversial essay about the Hindu epic, the Ramayana.

All the texts first printed were rediscovered by the humanist Jacopo Sannazaro in the years of his stay in France between and while visiting the libraries of several abbeys. Cassiodorus , Institutiones divinarum litterarum []. Walter de Gruyter, , pp. Edited by Jacobus Pamelius. Seneca the Elder []. Botley, “Learning Greek —”, p.

Vichitravirya dies at about 30 years of age. In the first part, the Eclogaewas first published in in Antwerp, printed by Christoph Plantin and edited by William Canter.

CiceroTusculanae Disputationes [42]. Mahabharstam SibylsRoutledge,pp. Book IIIM. Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs. Edited buy Hieronymus Wolfius. Edited by Claudius Salmasius as an appendix to Florus ‘ Epitome.

In the same year an edition of Sallust was also printed in Paris. Edited by Ioannes Cochlaeus [].


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Dhritarastra, Pandu and Vidura are born around this time to the Kasi princesses and Sudra maid. Canisius used an abridged version of the chronicle; it was only in Rome in that the full work was published, edited by L. It was reprinted in the same year in Venice by Peregrino Pasquale.

The volume also contains Paul the Deacon ‘s Historia Langobardorum. Rhetoric to AlexanderR. Edited by Petrus Daniel as part of his edition of Virgilsome notes concerning Varro from this commentary had been published by Joseph Justus Scaliger in The mistake was corrected in by Erasmus when the latter published in Southwark in an edition of Publilius that is generally considered to be the real editio princeps. EuripidesElectra []. Death of Kamsa by Krishna. VegetiusDigesta Artis Mulomedicinae [].

Andhra mahabharatam

BraulioHymnus de Sancto Aemiliano []. The separation was not fully successful as the text was not correctly divided, leaving it to the Paris edition by Petrus Victoriusprinted with an appendix by Henricus Stephanus, to finally obtain an adequate edition of Aeschylus’ plays.


In the same year a complete edition was printed by Johann Schott in Strasbourg and edited by Hermann von Neuenar. Pliny the YoungerEpistulae []. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? EustratiusIn analyticorum posteriorum librum secundum commentarium [].

Chericato, bishop of Kotor. DU to scrap Ramanujan essay on Ramayana that incensed right. Edited by Jean Mabillon who found the only surviving manuscript, a 9th-century copy from Corbie.

ఇద్దరు రాజకుమారులు [ Two Princes ]

Martinus BracarensisOpus Tripartitum [] and De ira []. Rabanus MaurusDe laudibus sanctae crucis []. The translation was made between and Periplus paludis maeotis []. BraulioVita Sancti Aemiliani [].

Aulus Gellius [15] [44].