Right now I love making independent productions as it is less risky as mentioned in the last question. It was creative, fun and social making films with friends, and I quickly understood it was the thing I wanted to do in my life. And you can do this without getting a terrible shaky shot. I love shooting handheld. Does anybody pay attention to their prestige to a point that it would open doors for you? My father also had a mixing console where I could add music and sound effects to the video we shot even though it was all analog. You are often just fine with using the stabilising techniques on set, but you can also add the warp stabiliser as a bonus.

The advice on three point stabilisation is useful. I got some ideas, but they are a little too ambitious for indie filmmaking. What I have experienced during my time as a filmmaker, which has helped me a lot, is to work hard making films, meet other filmmakers, take chances and listen to the feedback you get. It seems that the stabilisation in DaVinci Resolve is one of the million things that I haven’t found yet. It was an amazing feeling, and as I could borrow my father’s Hi8 Camcorder, I wanted to create my own dream worlds together with friends. The new filmmaking video is out!

Being able to produce movies without having the need of a producer or a big crew, only friends, makes it easier to take chances and do something original. But as it is quite expensive in Shortt, and I love to build things, I figured out how a steadycam worked and made my own.

Beyond that, you can always try to clean up any unwanted shakiness in post. The one handheld shot is of someone losing their cool and going off on their friend.


The teachers were people working partly in the film industry in Norway, the school was one of the first to get hands on the Red One camera and also they had other professional equipment we could use. It was actually a relief having someone else controlling the camera, and it made me see new ways of dramatizing scenes as a director.

I was just focusing andyx my vision, and with talented people around me it worked like a charm. I was recommended to apply for Nordland College of Art and Film by an old man who saw a presentation I had of a mini-series I made during secondary school. Even though I make very little income of making Youtube videos, I try to book one week every month to make a new video.

What happened to Andyax?

Camera Terms You’re Saying Wrong! I love shooting handheld. I come from Asker, a town at the countryside in Shoort. It makes everything chaotic and just Since I was eager to experiment with shorts and test-videos, it was the perfect place for me to share my work to an audience and get feedback.

What led you to it and how did you advertise it? How to Shoot Better Handheld Footage. Shor the best, Anders. You’ll also want to be light on your feet as you move around, being careful to keep your body movements as smooth and slow as possible.

And you can do this without getting a terrible shaky shot.

Red Spectrum Pictures: ‘A Silhouette Story’ – Short Film – Best Direction Award

It was an amazing feeling, and as I could borrow my father’s Hi8 Camcorder, I wanted to create fi,m own dream worlds together with friends. I love handheld for documentary and event work but agree that most current blockbusters and now television is leaning a bit hard on handheld camera work to give them a “real” feel back since shoort much CGI is being implemented. Meet me and Andyax tonight: David Fincher, in the Social Network only uses one handheld shot.


This, of course, depends on the aesthetic you’re going for, but let’s assume that you’re saving the frenetic handheld camerawork for another project and you’re going for buttery dilm. Where do you come from and what inspired you to make films? You and your friend Eskild run a very anryax Youtube channel. You can vote for “The Camera Hack” on: Most of the films made in Norway are funded and made by bigger production companies.

No, I’m not a fan of rushing things, but sometimes working fast is crucial as mentioned above.

I got some ideas, but they are a little too ambitious for indie filmmaking. However, since I was used to do the cinematography and editing myself, I had some discussions with the cinematographer and the editors during this process.

The sci-fi short film ´The Camera Hack´

Top 10 Tricks for Outdoor Portraits. We are finally back! When you know how to use the warp stabiliser, you will save a lot of time on set. I did so and the school looked interesting as they could offer a two year fiml education in the beautiful and spectacular Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway.