Views Read Edit View history. Trivia The hell beast that chases Cordy when she first arrives in pylea is the same kind of creature that Tucker uses to attack the prom in season 3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This seems a little odd to me. Wes and Gunn stayed behind to read the ceremonial books used by the priests to anoint Cordy as Princess. I’m wondering if I should wait to review this episode until I’ve finished the season, so it’ll make more sense in context. The season two finale has Team Angel desperate to escape Pylea. How much did Cordelia’s appetizer cost? Yes No Report this.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. How could I have let this happen? All five seasons of Angel can be streamed on Netflix. Silas tells his fellow priests that the princess has requested paper so she can write proclamations and do good for Pylea. Lorne wouldn’t be considered a cow, and Groo brave and undefeated was only part human. Angel season 2 List of Angel episodes.

Silas is eventually cornered, and Cordelia chops his head off before he can use his magical device to slaughter every slave on Pylea.

The newly revamped deadly duo of Drusilla and Darla hit the streets of LA. Angel greeted the men with, “Lawyers. Cordelia’s proclamation writing is interrupted by Silas who brings forth a large platter and orders Groosalugg out of the room. The full-body green makeup used to transform Andy Hallett into a Anngel took three hours, and the dozens of Pylean extras required 14 makeup artists beginning at 2: I like Gunn deciding to go with them.

I like Lorne being so agonized about going back. She begs Angel to turn her into a vampire to save her life. This seems a little odd to me.


She returns to Sunnydale in her final present-tense appearance in the episode ” Crush “. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He also has one of his greatest struggles with his demon side, which pylae out so completely on this world that it threatens to overwhelm his humanity. They escape but Cordelia cannot.

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Angel goes undercover with Gunn to prevent a mind-altering Shroud from falling into the wrong hands. If they’re ever going to get back to LA, they’re going to have to overcome their individual problems and work together as a team.

The Captain Alyson Hannigan Mere Smithwho was a script coordinator during the first season was promoted to a staff writer, and began writing episodes. Lorne opened his eyes and spoke up about their vagueness, which caused ALL three men to holler out and jump out of the shot.

After learning that Cordelia has become the Princess of Pylea, Wesley and Gunn are captured by rebels as Angel tries to save a slave sentenced to execution. Cordelia Chase Alexis Denisof Season Two of “Angel” is just as strong as Season One in terms of consistency, but improves on it in terms of having a strong story arc. A photo stills gallery is also included. There was no way during watching the show to know it, but Brody Hutzler, who yplea Lorne’s cousin Landok, amgel quite a good looking man!

Wes, unlike Giles from “Buffy”, was not big on the spell casting. The animal didn’t harm her, but lead its master to find her. Season 2 – Best to Worst.


That shift essentially forced the shows to pykea all ties with each other going forward, apart from a few oblique references. I just want to go home. Wes had a lot of father issues throughout his time on the series. August Richards — returned to our reality three episodes later, both they and the show had been profoundly changed. List of Angel episodes. See, Season 2 of Angel ran concurrently on The WB with Season 5 of Buffywhich famously ended with the Slayer swan-diving to her death and her series saying farewell to its original network and moving over to UPN for its sixth year.

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Because I pardoned you, and they wanted to teach me a lesson. Shawn was credited as a producer, though, through the end of season two. It Made Lorne Matter Speaking of comic seaspn who suddenly acquire unexpected emotional depth, Lorne played by the late Andy Hallett was introduced early on in Season 2 as the flamboyant host of L. Darla has been returned as the human she was before being turned into a vampire, which means that she has a soul but is pylda dying from the same case of syphilis that she originally had.

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