But if I don’t, I’d like to die thinking that I just probably died too early. On peut notamment y voir Gene, Alex, Ray et Chris. It’s not nice to see such well intentioned people unravel before your eyes but if you’re the type that rubber necks for car crashes then I’d advise watching ‘Collapse’ first, then this. I agree with everything said in that quote, except for the last part: Everyone that doesn’t think like you is no more than an brainwashed zombie, stumbling through life on a diet of chemicals and misinformation,until we all die off. NASA itself ran model studies that show at our current rate of growth and consumption humans are damn near guaranteed to go extinct.

You have addiction problems that are harming people now and well into the future. Or to react to a truth as “a deer in the headlights”. No need to be fancy, just an overview. Personally, standing up for justice as well as being kind and enjoying nature as long as possible is excellant enough for me. Conspiracies are a fact of life, so many, like Operation Northwoods, have been proven true. I don’t care if he smokes, or swears. Name calling doesn’t validate your position one bit. That can be found on the United Nations website.

He contemplated suicide, which demonstrates a severe depression. Humans are predisposed to self interest and are therefore corruptible.

We’re really sorry about this.

It takes one thousand years for nature to create one half an inch of soil. I think he’s a damn cool guy. His name is a Michael C.

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That is the first point that demonstrates your lack of insight. And zombies don’t eat themselves and we are not being mutated into them.

I have some sympathy for the chap in his tent, he searched so hard he got lost. He sneeringly dismisses another commenter because of her age and then paints a picture of her as a vapid teenager, uneducated and driven by cultural imperatives, despite the fact that she watched the same documentary he did. Congrats to the majority. Jacka just got done giving his peer review of Michael’s state of being then says no one can understand his own.


Hmmm, it is strange but I could easily picture you eating human flesh. Author Write something about yourself. This is what you get when the rich run politics; a banana republic. Jack you can say what ever you like about me you and I can say that you have proven multiple times that you are a hypocrite. You see this happening to a degree right now with police actions. We have, in fact, as a prelude to another ‘really big war’ declared on war on the earth itself.

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I agree with a lot of his thoughts but his conclusions just don’t make sense. For a second, I wondered if that conspiracy theorist had hacked the spying apparatus of the global government and saw my erection. First, I didn’t say that you can’t understand what I’ve been through. This guy clearly suffers from depression. I’d wondered since then what had become of him so this doc was a bit of a shocker.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. He’s right about a lot of things, although I’m not sure why he has a problem with “techno-solutions” and technology.

Ever listen to any Alan Watts. If everyone on the planet grew food it would only be beneficial. Isn’t all set up to fail, I,mean it all get recycle in the end. He should let us keep our money to enjoy the 20 years left!

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One rejected conspiracy frerre not prove the litany of conspiracy theories that I recited in the last paragraph to be fact. But it’s obvious he’s paying a high price for those beliefs and it’s eating him away. The Youtube video embedded here is only ten minutes long.

So he thought of his hut. It’s not technology at fault, it’s a tool, and like most tools it all depends on how it’s used. I won’t even talk about how he is using a computer and smoking, yet stands against both those things. Conspiracies are a fact of life, so many, like Operation Northwoods, have been proven true. Mn would he know that?


This is the way, there will be no revolt, or collapse, simple and slow deaths that are excepted of our brothers and sisters and we will remain idle, we will go to their mn and grieve and then go back home and turn on the kardasians or some other crap and eat our chemical food and do nothing.

Because people die suddenly every day. Michael is angry in min and has every reason to be. I don’t see any hockus pockus in. The feere is an extraordinarily beautiful treasure; its beauty peaks at the end ranges of what we can perceive as miraculous, and even so we are hell bent on raping it and turning it into a vast cesspool.

I am with the school of thought that life doesn’t have to have any meaning for me to enjoy it. I’m sorry but did you just attack my method.

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Les particularistes stteaming une qualification lege causae. I also told other friends about “Collapse” because it really mattered to me. I never said there was, I was only making the point that the straeming “conspiracy folk” is meaningless.

NASA itself ran model studies that show at our current rate of growth and consumption humans are damn near guaranteed to go extinct. It is a challenge to notice the depth of the forest we are in and it takes even more courage and conviction to walk out.