He confronts Jones, but grudgingly agrees to go along with her after she promises to protect Cole. In London, Cole and Cassie attend a masked ball which was mentioned in the Word. Season 4, Episode 3 June 15, Becoming suspicious of Olivia’s motives, she questions the woman about her real reasons in coming to Project: In , Jennifer sends Cassie to to get the Primaries’ identities from her younger self. In , Olivia abandons the Army, feeling betrayed by the Witness.

In , Cassie and Ramse search for an archivist known as the Keeper, hoping to learn about Titan, a place linked to the Witness. In , the Project: Retrieved April 19, Jennifer appears and creates a distraction, allowing Cole, Cassie, and Sebastian to escape. Mantis arrives with a group of Army agents to take Olivia, and Kirschner is killed. Cole calms her and tells her to find a new purpose, and she leaves.

At the revival, Cole and Cassie learn the mysterious man is a missionary; his wife is the female Messenger, Mantis, and his son is the Pallid Man. Ina pregnant Cassie is in captivity, being cared for by Magdalena, a member of the Army whose task is argauaya ensure she stays healthy to give birth to the Witness. Jones then splinters the entire temporal facility into Titan, and the group launches an all-out assault.

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They manage to get to Tommy first; he addresses both of them by name and says he is fated to be killed by the Messengers. Ramse takes Sam and Elena to safety; the latter claims Foster had a cure for the virus and suggests Jones is arsguaya. After he returns, he finds out that their computers will never be able to compile the Primaries’ program before the Red Forest paradox destroys time.


Retrieved May 17, Jennifer embarks on a plane trip, apparently to spread the plague virus around the world. Cassie requests to be sent instead towhere she asks her episde, a psychiatrist, to analyze the Word of the Witness. When he is fully healed, Mallick has him free Cassie from the Army.

A new timeline is created in which time travel is never invented. It is then revealed Emma abandoned the Army after completing Titan and fled to They ask Benjamin Kalman, an ex-Markridge scientist, to remove a tracking device from Ramse.

Cole, Cassie, and Jennifer use it to escape tohowever Olivia destroys the weapon with a massive temporal paradox, ensuring Deacon’s permanent death and rendering the weapon inaccessible for all time. Cole questions Cassie inproving he is a time traveller by causing a scratch to appear on a future version of her watch, but she does not yet know about Frost.

Cole calms her and tells her to find a new purpose, and she leaves. Retrieved May 24, InJones allows Deacon to do as he wishes with Ramse. InJones has Olivia imprisoned and interrogated. InJones learns how to disrupt the personal time machines and ataguaya the Horsemen from resetting the timeline.

The time machine is drained of power, and Cole proposes to steal a power core from the temporal facility’s previous location and use it to repair the machine. Retrieved July 12, A flashback reveals that he had splintered to the mausoleum in where Jennifer had asked to be sent, and she had summoned medical help to save him. The elder Cassie concludes its author is deeply uncertain of himself and loathes killing, reassuring Cassie Athan is not a monster.

With no way back, Cole and Cassie build a life together in the house from the Red Forest visions, and Cassie becomes pregnant.


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The Curse of Oak Island 2. In the process, Jennifer is fatally shot and Deacon is wounded. He confronts Jones, but grudgingly agrees to go along with her after she promises to protect Cole.

In in Titan, Deacon is brought back from the brink of death by Mallick, one of the Army’s enforcers. Views Read Edit View history. Cassie nearly lets time collapse so she can be with Cole forever, but Cole talks her out of it, and she shuts down Titan before the Red Forest paradox occurs.

Retrieved June 28, They realize Titan is a vast time machine as it activates around them. Cassie is captured by the Army and Cole splinters away, finding himself in an alternate where the West VII have taken over the temporal facility. InCassie and Deacon escape from Titan with Mallick’s help and make their way back to the temporal facility, finding it totally destroyed.

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In araguayya, Cole and Cassie decide to keep the identity of their son, Athan, secret from Jones. Their best lead is a corrupted recording from virologist Cassandra “Cassie” Railly which identifies Leland Frost with the plague’s origins and prophetically asks for James Cole, whom Jones recruits as a chrononaut.

Cole helps Jennifer find her vision’s meaning.