Thank you so much for the recap! Audrey September 5, at 8: Otherwise, how would they get their happy ending I like how they don’t have everything unraveling at once, but slowly. Or, in a surprise twist, it is Hades! And today brings another twist in the ratings game:

The recap here didn’t fully capture it, but I loved how, when she was climbing back up the soon-to-break rope, he told her to take a deep breath and think a happy memory and then it’ll be over soon. I looooooove this show and Lee Junki!!!!!!! The writing is so strong with this drama. Maybe his sickness is the revenge? Thank you so much for the recap! But speaking of her, what I’m thinking now is that the person who destroyed her life and family was Lord Choi, and that perhaps she allowed herself to be possessed because she made a deal with the evil fairy–that by letting her body be used, that the fairy would help her destroy Lord Choi–however right or wrong. So I’ll stop thinking about it and will instead think about what I want to happen in episode 13 next week: He goes to bed clutching it tightly.

I think when her heart went pit-a-pat, she may have not seen his face. Maybe the real mom get in the way and the evil spirit enter her body she may had the same ability to see ghosts and feel them so she tried to rescue Arang. My favourite comment was “technically Thanks for this recap your are awesome All of the above?

Sinopsis Heartstrings episode 10 part 5. Hopefully, the ratings won’t decline further on Thursday when Gaksital’s final episode is aired.


SINOPSIS Arang and the Magistrate Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

I love the surprises in the story Mu-young returns to heaven and starts puzzling it out. It reminds me of the series ”Twin picks” of Linch, so scary at that time I was around I have a bad feeling about this Arang saying she needs to catch the ghoul when he has just been captured by the grim reaper in front of her. Does he have an expiration date too, or does magkstrate just get to live on, if he survives the war?

He checked to make sure she was dead. I can’t believe that it’s rating is tied with Nice Guy. That was SO awesome! Either EO’s Mom is dead, sharing the body, or her soul is tucked away somewhere in a jar.

One day you will come to remember this connection on this day. Is she really a slave-concubine? Since Arang has an “immortal” body, Mom is overjoyed at the prospect of “never needing a disgusting human being again”.

Still thankful to subbers who are still there. I was holding my breath through most of it because it was just so awesome.

I’m sharing my breath! Not to mention we have so many good dramas airing all week everyone is on multiple dramas.

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Then thought that was a horrible and insensitive idea, given how Arang said dying was scary. That stops arsng in his tracks. Is the bad guy allowed to be this swoony? She gapes—what was he? Well, I people have different tastes.


I’m hoping Jo-wal and Arang will have their romance time, and jo-wal will experiencelove and trust without conditions from Arang. AND Eun-oh fighting off those thugs was aramg frickin hot.

CaroleMcDonnell September 20, at 3: Hahahaha I can’t decide which girlfriday comment is better: Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Episode 6 by Helcat. How could a soul end up that way? Omg, how could they make my favorite magistrate all bloodied and in pain. But I think a better question would be, what IS mom? Maybe he couldn’t have any more sons? Well that got his attention.

Because Arang’s soul wasn’t sealed inside her body, she rose out of her body to wander around as a lost ghost for the past magistratte years.

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Geared up for the 8th epi Kiara September 20, at 7: She figures he thinks all spirits are the same, evil or not. She comes out wearing a new hanbok, and hearts practically shoot out of his eyes. Then she’d keep him busy so he ‘ll stop elisode with human affairs. And I don’t care how long it takes you cause you’re so awesome.