Eun-oh goes running back to his room where he told Arang to stay, and there she is, right where he left her. And maybe the full moon weakens the connection or something? I love reading them. She is too shrilly, indeed. Arang is really a feisty ghost who doesn’t give up on herself despite her untimely death. Arang moves in for the kiss… and just as their lips meet… Eun-oh wakes up from his dream. They are the perfect comic relief to some of the more serious and intense scenes.

The magistrate’s flashbacks are the exact same as his role in Ilijimae which I really enjoyed, and which is why I started liking Lee Jin Ki. If so, I will accept it. Why is he sympathetic to her? Back on Heaven, the brothers Black and White are fishing and casually discussing the state of the mortal world. Who’s the clone and who’s the original? But the Jade Emperor seemed to have intentionally let it storm so the water was disturbed and thus she floated to the surface Now I understand why Dr. But the end of the deal wherein the demon eats the soul.

And they have this book that lists when people are going to die sort of like Death Note: I am not a stalker, however, I swear: He peels back her collar to check her wound, and finds it healed over. Hm, did the king of heaven make it rain like that arany purpose? Lee Yong Yi Supporting Cast. After Arang is safe, she grumbles at the Heavens for doing this to her.

If magisttrate, I will accept it.

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Lian August 30, at 2: GAH I soooo want more clues!!! If it’s by design to show us a bad side of our Magistrate like he seriously doesn’t care at all and doesn’t thin of her as human then I definitely don’t like it. Well, the writer has very good imagination to make up the story.


They tell magistate she was likely murdered—stabbed with a knife, and he remembers Arang telling him she felt a pain in her side. Just tell me what you saw. Poor Jade Emperor, what a lack of fashion, they should, at least, have taken off that hairpin. Needless to say, I was sufficiently freaked out.

When a costume makes it difficult for others to define your gender, it is propably because it has hit the bottom. Maybe Arang, him, Eun Oh and Eun oh’s mom will be the bottom of solving that msgistrate missing problem mentioned by the Jade Emperor and Hades? I think she – as Seo Rim- may have escaped being eaten, but died anyways. Doom Hell Emperor is old and grumpy!!

Arang descends from the roof upside down, looking for the world like a haunting spectre. AitM succeeds masterfully at this, while Faith does not. Mhahahah love in it all!! Have to say – don’t like seeing SMA as a corpse even if its just for “pretend”. While Arang helps Bang Wool shoplift successfully, they bump into some officials at the same time the shopkeepers scream that there is a thief on the loose.

But like someone else said, that Mom screencap was scary!

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 3 Recap

But in truth she can hear ghosts, because she is upset when Arang goes to ask for her help again. I think she will hear it when her time fhe up.

As a side-not, I love Yoo Seung-Ho in this role. Arang goes on the roof and talks up to the Heavens as she stares at the moon. Up in Heaven, the brothers are playing Epusode as usual and the Jade Emperor pauses when he hears Arang bitching him out.


HATE the wig, too.

ALL ABOUT HAPPY ENDINGS: Korean Drama: Arang and the Magistrate

And the only person to actually humanize him tthe this crazy lady, who took him aside, gave him a name, and gave him a sort of identity. In Arang, he comes across as elegant, aristocratic, serious and acerbic. She looks in the mirror and asks Seo-rim, who smiles back at her.

jagistrate He takes off his mask and lingers over her body. Acting-wise the two leads Shin Mina and Lee Jun Ki are so perfectly in character that I lament needing to give lesser actors time to settle in, because these two showcase what talented acting can deliver right off the bat.

Get other drama’s like this at Amazon. How should I describe Arang and the Magistrate after one episode?

The Jade Emperor teases his brother for caring about something so inconsequential. But I did feel just a little pang in my heart. But mom’s face scares the shizz of me. With some real romance thrown in. You are entirely right.

Cast – Arang and the Magistrate. I don’t know much about you, but I feel for you. And I love the scenery and the episods elements this drama has. Right when Arang is about to be decked hard, an arm reaches out to grab her and a leg kicks her ghostly assailant aside.