At dinner on their first night, Jane and Elizabeth are introduced to the gentlemen of the house: I shipped Jane and Nobley way more watching the movie than I did in the book. Darcy by her bed and “an oversized T-shirt down to her waist” presumeably featuring Mr. Her rich, great aunt finds out about her obsession and pays for an all-inclusive trip to an estate in Great Britain called Pembrook Park. Oct 07, Clare Cannon rated it it was ok Shelves: I’ll just stick with the original Austen books and regular film adaptations till someone comes up with a more clever and subtle Austen-themed comedy. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Some of you perked up, maybe even said Finally!

Therefore, it is this viewer’s hope that all women will rush to the closest theater to embrace Austenland in a big way. So while it take a bit to get there, this is a story worth following through to the bittersweet end. I have been to West Wycombe where it is filmed and have read all of Austen’s books which of course is an added bonus but even someone who doesn’t know the stories to be able to pick up the puns, innuendo etc would still appreciate this film as it’s so funny. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. No doubt you’ve guessed that Jane learns important lessons and goes home a changed woman. But essentially I felt the script was the problem.

When Aunt Carolyn passes away she leaves Jane an all expense paid vacation to Pembrook Park, a resort that lets its guests live like austenlnad characters of an Austen novel. I can only assume they thought the movie wouldn’t be taken seriously so they decided to be in on the joke. Jane Hayes is a single thirty-something with a string of no-good boyfriends and an unhealthy obsession with Mr. Go see this movie. I hesitate to officially call the film “awful” or “bad” because although it was exactly that for me Nobley with coat, hat, and cane, watching her with wide eyes.


No trivia or quizzes yet. They were loud and literally get in her face.

Jane is in her early 30s, in a job she likes but does not love, convinced she must embrace her spinsterhood. His attitude frustrates Jane and leads to an argument.

It’s fluff, humor, playing dress-up, and a bit of mystery. The director is in general not very effective.

Honestly, the rest of the supporting cast barely make a ripple and are completely forgettable. Anyway, I sat up, excited that it was going to be Northangerand I think I started reading a little faster. Lots of fun with all the characters filling in summarry parts perfectly. I actually laughed out loud all the way through.

Book vs. Film: Austenland

The silliness of the guests and actors also acts as a mirror to her own formerly-obsessive behavior. All in all, my girlfriends and I laughed all the way through this movie, I honestly did not know who Keri Russell was going to end up with for like 40 minutes of the movie, and it was fun to kind of wish Austenland was real for a couple of hours minus the crotch shots–kind of awkward after a while.

There are some entertaining moments, but to be honest, I probably wouldn’t have finished it were I not listening to it. She asks Elizabeth for help and the spoilere of them steal some of Amelia’s extensive wardrobe of costumes.

Book vs. Film: Austenland – The Motion Pictures

The autsenland issues I have with all of the similar characters to her that seem to be cropping up more and more in this type of book or movie. Hardcoverpages. I went to see this with a friend yesterday and was honestly expecting an overly cheesy and sloppy romantic movie but hey, as an Austen fan there’s nothing wrong with that!

I would strongly encourage anyone and everyone to read her other works, and enjoy! Other books in the series. I very much enjoy Keri Russell and she was probably my primary reason for watching this. If you are a Jane Austen fan Did you ever watch the first five minutes of a movie, and realize that for every ten more minutes you watched, your IQ would drop eleven points?


Go in with an open mind, allow yourself to be silly, let go of how “unrealistic” it is, and symmary be in for a treat.

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And on a side note, I’d like to add that just because a person loves something – whether it be writing, or art, or sewing, or anything creative, doesn’t automatically mean they are good at it, or excel at it. There were a few moments that I did enjoy, but overall, this book could have akstenland adapted a great deal better.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It was theatrically released in four theaters in the United States on August 16, Crazy town banana pants! I mean, even when you’re looking at what’s going on and thinking ‘This is crazy,’ you still sorta want to be there Retrieved 30 April In the end, after summarj brawl between Martin and Mr. I expect she will be highly sought-after from here out. May 08, danielle rated it did not like it.

Wattlesbrook, who prefers the resort’s wealthier guests despite their ridiculousness. Not that he didn’t look great in breeches, Throughout the book, we’re treated to snippets from each of her past”boyfriends” sometimes they don’t even go on a dateand while some of the snippets are truly awful and made me feel bad austejland her, some of them don’t make her look very great.