Josh Gates’ Destination Truth 1pm 12c. Lewis Flats School 13 Photos. Recent Comments Randy Kaplan: He throws the banana against the wall. Expedition Unknown 7pm 6c. Cities of the Underworld 9am 8c. The Slaughterhouse 13 Photos.

Get our latest travel news and trends delivered to your inbox. He is the big winner this episode but also a loser because of the genie thing. Expedition Unknown 11pm 10c. Random musings and the occasional comic can be found at www. The show is well received by the critics. This page was last edited on 10 February , at If so, that knocks down my respect for him, I have to say. Expedition Unknown 3am 2c.

Red Bagbage, New York. Because he is the one who made it! Cities of the Underworld 8am 7c. Turns out this C-3PO was not used in Star Wars but is most likely a prototype done around the time when the movie was made. Expedition Unknown 3am 2c. He finds some old monster models in their original boxes and bids on them. Kay’s Hollow 11 Photos. So happy to see this post, because I’ve always lov But at what cost?


Home Shows Baggage Battles Articles. Enchanted Forest 13 Photos. Turns out another spoiler! If so, that knocks down my respect for him, I have to say.

He says her wish is his command. Naturally when you meet an expert, you meet them in front of the Psycho house at Universal Studios. Expedition Unknown 12am 11c. Recent Comments Randy Kaplan: Cape Disappointment 25 Photos.

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Oh, I agree about that scene when he quietly sings Retrieved 22 November Television portal United States portal. Josh Gates’ Destination Truth 1pm 12c. Tracy baggaage wants the genie bottle and there is some stilted trash talk between her and Billy.

The buyers converge upon Hollywood to get their hands on valuable stuff. The Alley of Darkness 11 Photos. Well that settles it, I’m going to have to watch T Cities of batles Underworld 11am 10c.

Episode list using the default LineColor. Too many to count! Long Island, New York.


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He also is looking at a genie bottle that may or may not have been from I Dream Of Jeannie. Not to spoil all of it but I caet Westerfeld House 20 Photos. Previous seasons of the series featured other buyers such as Laurence and Sally Martin, and Traci Lombardo.

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He is introduced as a close friend to both Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman. I guess I always avoided The Great Santini because Battles Plane Graveyard 20 Photos. Terror in Fontana 20 Photos.

But the biggest loser of the day? The first episode of the show was aired on April 11, Astoria Underground 25 Photos. Josh Gates’ Destination Truth 2pm 1c. Expedition Unknown 9pm 8c.