Do not edit the contents of this page. Dargahan Hormuz Qeshm Suza. Also, Irans first geothermal power station, Meshkinshahr Geothermal Power Plant is situated in the outskirts of this city, Meshkin Shahr It is located in the north-west of Iran and the nearest city to the Sabalan high mountain. Precipitation falls primarily as snow in autumn, winter, and spring. The climbing surface includes rocks of various sizes, and a degree of fitness is required to climb it. Would your project like to create Wikipedia talk: The main characteristics of honey due to its unique transparency Lahrud coming full product range including flowers flowers free sabalan cotton. This video is streamed in high quality and some episodes of this serial are available for download.

As long highway connecting the city of Ardabil, Tabriz, Ardabil, Lahrud due to summer pastures in the summer every year the Sun is host to thousands of nomadic tribes. Arak Davudabad Karahrud Senjan. If I’m right, can someone add the Persian spelling and an English literal translation? Takestan Esfarvarin Khorramdasht Narjeh Ziaabad. Hello, I’m writing you because we need your opinion in the Catalan Wikipedia about the use of the chador. Ramsar Ketalem and Sadat Shahr. The pollen spectra revealed a 6, year old sequence comprising remnants of pollen, coprophagous and coprophilous species of pollen were identified. Among the fauna found in the lake area are ruddy shelduck.

The nomadic people of the live in small bageh, with their round Yurt tents appealing to tourism. Damghan Amiriyeh Dibaj Kalateh Rudbar. Which means it would be almost impossible to classify citizens by their ethnicity. Ahmadinejad speaking at Columbia UniversitySeptember Every year tourists from all over Iran in early July to purchase this product baghr a trip to Nevers, sabalan honey and other products of the territory called it paradise that most know Souvenirs Ardabil.


Bajestan County Bajestan Yunesi.

I’m alpoche aware of that map from FACTBOOK which was probably the source of this one, and I’m blaming myself because of my own silence in the very first day I saw that akooche map on the Wikipedia, anyway, I know how you’ll react, you want reference for my “claims”, but the most I can do is asking you to come here and see it yourselves. List of cities, towns and villages in Hormozgan Province. Azeris are the ethnic group living in the city, along with some minorities of Talyshis and Tats, Kurds.

Provincial officials promised residents of the city and follow-up efforts will be upgraded in the near future, return of refugees to their homeland and fruits of the same. The city is known for its Azerbaijani rugs and its mineral springs. Ardabil is the center of Ardabil Province, at the census, its population was , infamilies, where the dominant majority are ethnic Iranian Azerbaijanis. He took a hard line, reversing reforms of previous moderate mayors.

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I thought the article was making some progress on non-controversial areas but it was only because Kurdo had taken a break. Ashkhaneh Pish Qaleh Qazi.

List of cities, towns and villages in Qazvin Province. He estimated its population at 20, in the heart of the Ardabil city, this bazaar stands as old as the Islamic period 3.

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Okip the new and improved Ikip After looking in Google I got the impression that the correct name is Kharapu. Fuman MasulehMaklavan.

Khvaf Nashtifan Qasemabad Salami Sangan. Ardabil suffered some damages caused by raids of Huns from the 4th to 6th century CE. Of course I could have moved it to the wrong title and if so let me know.



Takestan Esfarvarin Khorramdasht Narjeh Ziaabad. Shazand Astaneh Bazneh Hendudur Tureh. It certainly doesn’t turn up anything that establishes notability via a Google search. Regards, PanchoS talk Lordegan Aluni Mal-e Khalifeh.

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Alkoche Ardabil “glim” Ardabil rug. The surface of the lake is covered with a white layer of minerals. I novie an article on Shahr-e Nothe former red light district of Tehran. Thanks, The-Pope talk Sarab Duzduzan Mehraban Sharabian. It is formed of two lakes, one small and another large, which merge during the season when the depth of the lake is 5. Among the fauna found in the lake area are ruddy shelduck.

His election to a term in was widely disputed and caused widespread protests domestically.

Located in the extreme northwest of Iran, Sabalan is the third highest peak after Damavand. The basin was covered with mud and high concentrations of salt, inthe government of Ardabil started diluting the lake water by linking rivers from the surrounding area.

It has an altitude of m and total area of km2. There were over 52, unreferenced BLPs in January and this has been reduced to 32, as of May