I loved how they did the intro of the members! I think I’m gonna watch this. Both females, that’s it. You are commenting using your Facebook account. But he has no shame, which totally works for him. I love half the cast so i do want to watch it, but then this episode sounded liked a very mixed bag. Idk, I’ll probably have to check it out a few more make it a lot of weeks more; cuz RM totally starting shining after ep 7. SS was my intro into the world of Kpop and Kdrama, and now most newbies probably don’t even know who they are except as solo artists.

Being in variety shows is not a step back. I think he was more used to being with guys. Shi-yoon finally manages to finish his one loop, and then asks for his first cab fare… only to have the guy realize that his girlfriend has all the money. Jong-shin points at his screen: This is going very badly. Episodes by odilettante.

He looks so skinny I hope he survives the show. It is used to describe the passion of youth.

[LINK/ENG] Barefoot Friends Ep 27

Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Is the show always going to be overseas trips? And you can see how when they were driving, they had guards and their assigned cyclo driver following. Let’s enjoy how Yunho rocks the color pink. Your email address will not be published.

Until next time Cassiopeia! Shows dramaccrazy Running Man and 1N2D have covered every inch of Korea – friende so that even I recognize many outdoor locations. I think it has potential.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Inside is a notebook with their mission: Jadetaia April 22, at 6: On to the show, and we should probably introduce its cast members off the top. Shi-yoon finally manages to freinds his one loop, and then asks for his first cab fare… only to have the guy realize that his girlfriend has all the money.


Iam not sure but is it Runningman vs 1n2d2 I adore RM dont like 1n2d2 Dramacdazy didnt find the new casts funny I love the orig members. This is the time for bonding.

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Episodes by LollyPip. I love his 4D personality! He admitted in Kang Ho Dong’s show before that he did got a nose job because of some freak accident before and laughinly added also he got some work done to make it better in the process. Some things are just true. I think Eunhyuk could also be a lot of fun to watch, and hey, er friend Hyun-joong is bound to have his own niche saying hilariously random things that make little sense.

Mimi April 26, at 9: Everyone gets a computer with pre-recorded greetings from each of the other members, to get a first impression before they meet. This show has potential but there’s too much staff intervention.

Please click the dramscrazy in that email to complete the email change process. Okay, is THAT the concept of this show? KHJ can be hysterical with his deadpan delivery and it’s adorable that YSY was able to acclimate to variety so quickly.

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[LINK/ENG] Barefoot Friends Ep 27 |

I didn’t know about that. I already felt like I knew what the concept of the show would be just from the title. Page 1 Page 2 Next page.

Most probably it is the Korean celebrity version of it. He should work it out, ha, especially since I feel like this show is what you get on those 1N2D episodes where you drop the boys off and make them figure out everything on their own.


And Eunhyuk, and just the whole cast in general! I just want to understand it clearly. And I loved how the members reacted to the same thing from different cam during the intro videos. Tell us the rules, people! It’s funny how excited so many KHJ fans are anticipating all of his 4D-ness.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: So once everyone has gathered, the PD says that they exchanged emails, and it turned out to be a sort of popularity vote.

She was a former idol of a girls group.

It’s Melissa with Yunho Sunday! No, not just you. Episode 6 by Helcat. But this show totally reminds me of a reality series I’ve seen possibly on Discovery Travel or something in the early-mid s, where travellers usually caucasian went to some southeast Asian locale and had to find work to do, in order to earn barrefoot money for their lodging the amount was predetermined, I think – so the mix of producer intervention and Rich People Slumming It struck me as familiar in this recap.

I always have a feeling the Enrique character is very close to his real episde. Are u from VN too? XD But the show kinda lost me when the team split up and ended up in 2 places which time is the main constraint factor that saw me wavering in interest and looking forward to Running Man instead.

The reason why this barefoot thing is a running title is because of barefot phrase ‘barefoot youth’. I was actually impressed with the show for being ambitious, but this is like guided work-study.