Will Nitesh’s efforts to woe Sumi, help him? Harakh Padudi Hansa – Gujarati Natak. He then makes everybody else in the family dance to his tunes. Avni is expecting her first child but Amar does not want the child and tells Avni to abort citing financial reason. He keeps on nagging his wife sister and mother on this point. But it isn’t going to be such a smooth sail for Jeevan; he now needs to clear the ultimate test posed by Lajo. Seeing the transformed Kokila Tejas also does everything to impress her.

Though an aspiring actress herself she could never fulfil her wish to be one due to certain circumstances. Lopa too falls for Amal and is unable to see Rachna and him together. However Kajal is in love with an Ad film Maker. Raja sees this as a golden opportunity to earn some quick cash and enters the millionaire household as Leelaben Lapsiwala. Lajo easily manages to overcome the difficulties created by Jeevan’s cynical demands. But it isn’t going to be such a smooth sail for Jeevan; he now needs to clear the ultimate test posed by Lajo.

He is about to marry a beautiful woman called Swati. Due to this thing around him goes Topsy-turvy. There is a suspense behind Deviben and Sitanshu’s relation as well. Especially if she has not been chosen by the seniors in the family. Parimal Pujaras dead father in law comes to him in a dream and tells him fo the huge fortune he has buried in the wilds of Khandala. Ever seen a wife, who has not doubted her husband? Time passes and the wedding day of Amal and Rachna arrives.

Sitanshu Rai has a daughter Parijat, who is married to Manhar, but she does not want to stay with his mother as there is always a quarrel that takes place between them and decides to come back to her father’s house.


Even before Ramesh can enjoy it, a series of problems, befall on Ramesh. In short even god does not know the key to a “successful married life”.


He understands what the family is going through. Raja was always on the lookout for different ways to make a fast buck. All that Naramdas wanted was that Rajeshwari be the mother to his newborn son.

The lady tutor hilarious incidents pileup giving you a rousing comedy Locho Maryo Shethiya. If any of these songs cause violation of the copyrights and is brought to my attention by holders of such copyrights, I will remove the concerned videos from the website promptly.

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Hansa has always narrated title tracks and plots of daily soaps to Nirali instead of bedtime stories. Category Indian Cinema Starring: Siddharth Randeria, Sanjay Goradia. Bhavesh Mandaliya, Bakila Mehta. Though the same statement cannot be made for his son and daughter-in-law.

Shivkumar Joshi is retired and he is considered good for nothing by his entire family. He on,ine makes everybody else in the family dance to his tunes.

Budhdha e mari Sixer – Gujarati Natak. To add to the trouble is their neighbor Bhogilal who is a bi-sexual. Will Hasubhai and Rasik win the battle? All that Rajeshwari wanted was Naramdas immense wealth and his business empire. A hilarious comedy, which will send you in peals of laughter. Watch out for this dramatic and hilarious play ‘Aankh Micholi’ to know what happens ahead. His wife also gets angry at him because of this.

Praful the eldest son has a wife who is constantly nagging him for a child. It renders her mentally unstable. Director By – Vinay A. Engagement was not the only reason for Mr. Vinaykant has a personal grudge against Manukant.

Raj is a very talented painter. Will Lopa succeed in her motives? Will Madhavi and Kumar get married? In order to pursue their ambition of making their business empire the biggest and richest in India they totally ignore the upbringing of their children. Fakir is shocked when he gets to know that his daughter Madhavi is in love with Kumar, son of his obline Dhanikrai. Kaji and Niraj himself get trapped in the web of his conspiracy.


Will Nitesh’s efforts to woe Sumi, help him? He has built his mighty empire from scratch. Ek Bhool Wonderful – Gujarati Natak.

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Amit Divetia Produced by: Lack of education has not stopped any one from making money and Mannubhai, takes advantage of his brother in laws position as the manager of an hotel to make money any which way he can. This play highlights the fact society is driven by money and will go to any extent to acquire it. In dire baku,a of money, Lajo signs a deal with Jeevan’s nephew and enters their household as a cook. Suddenly Mallika a famous kwr and Amars fan is found murdered.

Manukant comes to know about Vinaykant’s opposition and he straightaway approves the marriage. See how with the help of a drama director she brings back happiness into their lives. Have you ever seen a couple that has never fought after marriage? Jeevan’s nephew is trying his best to find a cook for the house, but the eccentric uncle has rejected more than candidates!

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