Leave it open and allow us entry from time to time. Is there anyone out there who can ever compare to the admirable, inspiring man Richard Lim has become? A very handsome, lonely, angry widower meets a beautiful, feisty, caring nanny. Watching Richard share stories with her about Maya and his family has always been a joy to see. Interesting, interesting week ahead…. Madrigal before partnering with her.

And she lands another KISS on his lips! Please come back soon, Liza! Nothing will ever span out exactly the way we picture it in our minds. Maria essaying the roles of these twin souls. Basta huwag mo akong sisigawan, HA?! Before Joni arrives, we find Nicolo daydreaming about surprising Nikki with a date. BCWMH came as a breath of fresh air in the lives of millions of Filipinos all over the world who happily welcomed Richard Lim and Maya Dela Rosa and their wonderful families into their homes.

Pero alam mo, sweetheart, natutuwa ako sa mga bata kasi ginagawa nila yung hindi na ginagawa ngayon, yung nagpapaalam…. Luke is obviously in love with Joni. He wants to give back to the industry that has been so good to him, making episde truly worthy of our respect and admiration! And suddenly this last KISS lingers.

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We all admire Richard because he is always straight to the point and does not mince words. We will miss your exchange of funny tweets and amusing IG posts and all those times we see you make fun of and laugh with each other.

Hindi ba nila maintindihan yun? That is simply not how the show works! Hungrily, he captured her lower lip and suckled. Happy and sated after their lovemaking, Richard and Maya cuddle up to each other and then kiss and hug each other some more. Nothing will ever span out exactly the way we picture it in our minds. BCWMH seems to apfil gotten caught by the love bug this week as everyone seems to simply want to love, love, love!


Magkagalit pa tayo kasi inaksaya mo yung pagkain na niluto ko para sa yo.

This particular blog entry is not just mine but theirs as well. Thank you for all your hardwork, for all those sleepless nightsand for all the long hours you have put in to give us the best show ever. Kapit ka ng kapit sa saya ko. Madrigal, I daresay, is not at all headed towards the direction all other teleseryes have gone before. Mesmerized by his lopsided smile, she smiles right back at rpisode, as well.

Even Richard was surprised at how the door sounded when he unthinkingly shut it behind him. With the help of Nicolo and Nikki, Luke pulls out a surprise date for Joni.

Just talk to her after. To let go of them instantly would be the most difficult thing to do. Maria, our very dear Sir Chief and Mayafinally came out on national television just the other night to announce what we have all been dreading the most, the end of our most beloved show, Be Careful with My Heart, on November 28, The kiss spoke of all their frustrations and pent up emotions.

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Buttons were carelessly opened, zippers down, until every inch of clothing were left strewn along the path towards the bed. His chinky eyes suddenly turn into slits. Liza, afterall, is his most trusted and most loyal employee. And she lands another KISS on his lips! It would be interesting to watch how they fell for each other and how circumstances apri, the past abruptly ended their mutual feelings for each other.

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I will truly, truly miss this wonderful family!!! They survey their surroundings, and fortunately discover that Richard actually stopped their car right beside a hotel. Good luck in all of your future endeavors and God bless always!


Ikaw kaya nanligaw sa kin. And how can we ever find it in our hearts to say goodbye to Richard, Maya and their wonderful family who have all ceased to exist as fictional characters a long time ago and have since become real life human beings who are so much a part of our lives?

Both of them suddenly realized that at last, their Alone Time had come. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I never thought that this day would actually come!

The day ends with the former asking the latter for her hand in marriage… With the help of Nicolo and Nikki, Luke pulls out a surprise date for Joni. This creative endeavor is just for fan fiction purposes.

I miss that stage in our relationship. We understand that bigger and better opportunities await everyone. LAS will benefit from it… Is your decision final?

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Pwede naman sa kotse. This site uses cookies. Before Joni arrives, we find Nicolo daydreaming about surprising Nikki with a date. She works her butt off to give the company the time, dedication and hardwork it deserves, and Richard Lim has learned to value that about her.

And all that could be heard were sounds of love and moans of satisfaction. Pwede bang humanap muna tayo ng ibang lugar para mapag-usapan natin kung ano nga ba ang pinag-aawayan natin? As he was walking fast towards the reception area, Maya had no choice but to follow suit. No words left their lips. Diba kahit may crush ka sa kin nagpakipot ka pa rin?