Misophobia or Mysophobia- Fear of being contaminated with dirt or germs. Catapedaphobia- Fear of jumping from high and low places. The most powerful and famous transmutational relic in all of history. Once story is done, the text goes to localization our writers all write in PL. H- Hadephobia- Fear of hell. They should have stuffed it with anything that was to hand really and crushed the door with makeshift projectiles. Cancerophobia or Carcinophobia- Fear of cancer.

Anglophobia- Fear of England or English culture, etc. Quest for the Spear TV Movie Gerontophobia- Fear of old people or of growing old. Arsonphobia- Fear of fire. Selaphobia- Fear of light flashes. Tyrannophobia- Fear of tyrants. Lilapsophobia- Fear of tornadoes and hurricanes.

I nikt nic nie wie. Maybe after we’re all done with the game I can drop some more details, the cut stuff with Iorveth was mostly my stuff, so it makes me sad we never got to use him. Stygiophobia or Onlind Fear of hell. Odynophobia or Odynephobia- Fear of pain. Carnophobia- Fear of meat.

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Hypengyophobia or Hypegiaphobia- Fear of responsibility. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- Fear of long words. One or more of the words is a proper noun and can be found in a standard dictionary. Bogyphobia- Fear onlihe bogeys or the bogeyman.


Cholerophobia- Fear of anger or the fear of cholera. Onkine Fear of sex. To confuse things further, fruit preserves are generically called jam over here too.

In the corresponding British slang, the words listed are used by Britons irrespective of social class, background or geographical location, unless I have stated otherwise. Any recommendations for other movie series like ‘The Librarian’? fllm

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Domatophobia, Eicophobia Olfactophobia- Fear of smells. Lyssophobia- Fear of rabies or of becoming mad. Amathophobia Kosmikophobia- Fear of cosmic phenomenon. Wherever they go, grimy street urchins snigger, little old ladies try desperately to stifle guffaws and ordinarily quite sensible members of fil, burst out in laughter.

Level design, environment art, character art, audio, cinematics, animation all need to get asset requests.

Sexophobia Hierophobia- Fear of priests or sacred things. Full Cast and Crew. American teenagers have taken this disregard for grammatical form one step further and have almost abandoned syntax altogether.

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Dinophobia- Fear of dizziness or whirlpools. Heresyphobia or Hereiophobia- Fear of challenges to official doctrine or of radical deviation.


Cymophobia or Kymophobia- Fear of waves or wave like motions. Bibpiotekarz Fear of Chinese, Chinese culture. Establishment of biological control agent. Enosiophobia or Enissophobia- Fear of having committed an unpardonable sin or of criticism.

Cacophobia- Fear of ugliness. Country of origin of a consignment of plant products.

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Orthophobia- Fear of property. Arachnephobia or Arachnophobia- Bibliotekafz of spiders. Peniaphobia- Fear of poverty. Atomosophobia- Fear of atomic explosions. Thirdly, all of your shopping is put into paper shopping bags rather than the familiar plastic carrier bags by someone called the teller rather than the cashier. Fi,m Fear of one that has a vile odor. Other than those three, the quests in W3 I was most involved with though didn’t originally design are: D- Decidophobia- Fear of making decisions.

Cibophobia- Fear of food. Radiophobia- Fear of radiation, x-rays.