Someone is always being kidnapped or left behind or stranded on a desert isle but then immediately rescued. Despite the dangers she keeps the world light with humor “He looked like someone from the TV programs Dean’s mom loved, where snooty men rode around on horses and women sat in mansions waiting for one to propose. Each realm is beautiful, but dangerous, allowing visitors to move forward from land to land, but not in reverse. It was about that girl, Sunni, her stepbrother Dean who was a completely unnecessary character whose only function in the story was to get Sunni and her friend Blaise into trouble and annoying everyone and Sunni’s classmate Blaise. The world building was amazing; such an interesting layered world must have taken a lot of construction, so I really was impressed by the detail to which the author went into. I think it is the fact that it involves an adventure into another dimension which brought the stories to mind. On the other hand, the characters the three children meet in Arcadia, including Corvo’s apprentice Marin and Lady Ishbel Blackhope, niece of 16th century adventurer Sir Innes Blackhope, who formerly owned the Tower, are much more interesting to read about. The author does a good job at making you hate the villain, though not a good job at making you like the protagonists.

He seemed interesting from the start. The Blackhope Enigma is an adventure about friendship, family, art and magic. When I read that name, I was like, yeah, you got to be kidding me. Quotes from The Blackhope Enigma. I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy Fantasy type novels. I’m glad forgiveness and trustworthiness were finally granted to him. The author, Teresa Flavin, has a wonderful and creative mind.

Imagine being able to go inside a painting. About half threw so about chapter 13 did it really catch my attention. It was slow at beginning. Nov 05, Caro rated it did not like it Shelves: Readers who enjoy Fanstasy.


I couldn’t finish this. No Dark Romance Allowed The second novel, The Crimson Shard, tells of another adventure involving Sunni and Blaise and was published in October He seemed interesting from the start.

Harkening to the traditions of C.

The Blackhope Enigma

Also, there is NO WAY I could believe that the teacher wouldn’t have gone after them or tried again, especially srries we find out it So this book took me over a month to read because the beginning was so boring and too set up. Creating a world is etresa only the work of an author, it is also the domain of an artist and in The Blackhope Enigma, Teresa Flavin has combined the two to create a fascinating magical mystery adventure.

Also, there is NO WAY I could believe that the teacher wouldn’t have gone after them or tried again, especially since we find out it had been three weeks!!

The concept was cool but that was the only good thing. Sunni nailed it, and so did Teresa Flavin. The story blackhhope full of imagination and, yes, “mystery and magic”, but it somehow manages to stay within the realms of realism as well.

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Bellini, the art thief, out for himself no matter the cost, foiled at every turn…and really got his comeuppance in the end. Nov 27, Georgen Charnes rated it it was ok. ISBN page count for e-book 5 27 Feb 12, It was about two teenagers whose father got lost in blackhoppe world of myths via an artifact and a computer. OMG this book was really good!

The Blackhope Enigma Series

Again, I got this one from a list somewhere recently, but not sure why or which one! One of my favorite TV shows was MythQuest. And will they ever find their way home?

Her step-mom will kill her if she doesn’t bring him back, so of course it’s seres to her to follow him tfresa and find a way back out again. Just send us an email and we’ll put the best up on the site.


The Blackhope Enigma (Blackhope Enigma, book 1) by Teresa Flavin

As many other readers have pointed out, their names are just ridiculous. From the very first page I was thrilled to discover that this is a novel from an author who drew inspiration from her career as an artist and illustrator. Her writing was very atmospheric…I loved that when Sunni and Dean examined the picture from within the fkavin, the details were smudged, kind of like when a picture on the screen is blown teresx and you can see the individual pixels.

Other than that a most enjoyable read. Sunni come across as bit stupid.

I literally felt like I had been sucked into the Renaissance painting too. So many things happen in the story–it keeps you reading and wondering how can someone get inside a painting.

I read this in one go as I couldn’t bear to put it down.

The Blackhope Enigma (The Blackhope Enigma, #1) by Teresa Flavin

Ms Flavin took me into a whole new world ennigma adventure. And what was that strange spark of light in the painting on the wall just after he disappeared?

The children are sucked into a world that exists inside a magical painting and there they are tested by monsters, mysteries and a blackhipe with the corner torn off. Exciting adventure which will appeal to all fantasy-loving children, especially those interested in art. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this.