Well writen review and I certainly commend you on watching all of it. In my honest opinion, the music in Bleach fits it almost too perfectly. Bleach Episode 47 The Avengers. Unlike some other anime protagonists, he’s not some soft, wimpy loser, nor is he a faceless body to throw the plot onto. Getting back to the story, Rukia had intended to only transfer half of her reiatsu to Ichigo, but he ended up taking almost all of it. The characters in Bleach are also a big game of hit-or-miss.

Bleach Episode 19 Ichigo Becomes a Hollow! Cut him some slack for Christ sake! Bleach Episode Goodbye And, a lot of the minor characters really brought the show to life in their brief moments. The ‘main’ supporting characters – Rukia, Chad, Ishida, Inoue, and a previously unmentioned shinigami named Renji Abarai – were all pretty good as well. Bleach Episode Power of the Soul! Bleach Episode Kon is Deceived!

The visual design of the new characters in this arc was a welcome change to the same-old, same-old black robe vs. So, maybe that wasn’t what you wanted to hear, but I can’t deny the truth: After finishing watching the last episode I bleachbet went and started reading the Manga with the final arc to get my fix.


Eh, I’m pretty neutral on Kenpachi Zaraki, to be honest.

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Bleach Episode 46 Authentic Records! Bleach is one of my favorite animes. The Trap Hidden in the Labyrinth. At the moment we have all current Bleach episodes and movies, Bleach is one of the longest ongoing anime serie ever made so every week a new episode comes out.

How did I find myself doing this? Bleach Episode Toshiro Hitsugaya’s Holiday!

Bleach Episode 57 Senbonzakura, Crushed! Bleach Episode Battle With Comrades!

Bleach & Naruto

Bleach Episode Emergency Situation! Ichigo, Rukia, et al. Let’s talk about Bleach. The Epixode Who Protects vs. I will fight Nnoitora. Bleach Episode Dark History! Bleach Episode Second move of Hueco Mundo! The Zanpakuto Unknown arc season 12 of Bleach started out really good, despite being plunked right in the middle of a climactic battle in the main series.

The True Nature of the Sword Beasts.

Bleach Episode 24 Assemble! The design of the characters can be a bit bland – a very large percentage of the characters are shinigami, and they all dress in variations of black kimonos – but that is probably to be expected in a series this big.

Because Bleach is meant for teenagers, the characters that get the most screentime are also teenagers – i. Bleach Episode episoe Byakuya is summoned!


Bleach Episode Recapture Seireitei! Bleach Episode Hell Chapter Prologue. The profusion of filler is what sent me to the manga in the first place, and IMO that is much, much better than the anime. Bleach Episode The Hardest Body!? Bleach Episode Battle of bad faith, Aizens trap. I stumbled over Bleach on [adult swim]’s Toonami lineup last week, watched episode something, and went, “WTF?

Bleach is popular for the same reason all those songs played on Top 40 radio stations are, or why The Fast and the Furious series is, or why The Sword of Truth series is. Clash of the parent-child Quincies. That I only read up until they defeated Aizen and Ichigo gets slapped with the nerf-bat.

Bleach Episode Her Name is Nel! A simple glance at an episode guide will tell you what episodes to skip.

The Black Blade, the Miraculous Power.