Quasi, because the last one is actually violet, not blue. Please read our Disclaimer and Policies page for information on your rights and responsibilities regarding this site. No longer selling these But the laser diode driver is something interesting. I saw on the laserpointerforums that the final focus lens from the PHRT sled is sometimes used to get a smaller beam. What kind of driver is that that I see in the pictures?

Please read our Disclaimer and Policies page for information on your rights and responsibilities regarding this site. Use the red laser to focus had some benefits: We started the project on February but break on several times thinking that it was not feasible. The thread size is 9 X 0. We had a few pickups with the red diode burned but the infrared diodes seem still alive. Once the laser is reflected on the disc surface, it goes back through the lens 12 and through more prisms and mirrors is redirected toward the photodiode array 4 where we get the RF signal as well as the signals needed to correct the focus and align the laser with the track tracking. If you must operarte with a single CR 3V , then you will need this driver instead http:

The reason why we use the glass when using the laser toolhead is really because we need to glue this film on something.

The photodiodes are arranged in a square see following figure. Please lxser our Disclaimer and Policies page for information on your rights and responsibilities regarding this site. It’s a good idea to leave an AixiZ module threaded on for protection when storing the tool Registered Member rray Joined: Then you need only or as much as: On one of my builds, I actually got a small current draw here, and it would slowly drain the battery.

By submitting any information to this site, you agree that anything submitted will be so licensed. Conundrum Sun May 03 So we re-designed again the circuit in order to split it in two parts and isolated digital and analogue circuits on different PCB areas. Then we analyze the signal in real time, while we moved the lens up and down with another thread, until we detect the S-Curve and found the focus point. A thin wire that supplies current for the diode is clearly visible.


We empirically measured the laser beam spot and it is approx. DiyouPCB is based on a traditional cartesian robot design using timing belts so this time we will try something different: What appear to be rings are evident in the laser reflection.

Unless you build one yourself, this is about the least expensive way to drive that diode http: After I did the above ‘fix’, the problem was solved. And the third reason may be the lens itself. I bought a PHRT sled assembly on ebay recently to make a violet laser pen. We followed the traces on the flexible PCB to deduced some pins. Mon Apr 13 It can focus automatically with precision and has a very small focal lengthonly of a few millimetres.

One socket will give more resistance than the other because one uses a resistor.

Cheapest way to power a PHR-803T blu-ray laser diode~Share your opinions!

Laser about 5m from wall, camera close to wall Both the laser and the camera in about 5m distance from wall: Finally, on Octoberwe did all tests successfully.

We called it DiyouPCB But unfortunately the mechanics and timing belts produced mechanical vibrations affecting the laser beam.

The other pretty nice macro pictures shows the nm laser diode. Currently mine hardly reaches across the street. The PHRT had no data sheet, but a ton of features. Your piece must be exact before threading. During the project we received some emails of people asking us why so obstinacy to use a blu-ray pickup instead of a nm laser pointer.

Less power dioee high sped and the laser didn’t sensitize enough the photoresist. But at some level the diode destroyed itself again.

The complete process includes managing diverse techniques: You should Sign Up. Quasi, because the last lzser is actually violet, not blue. I shortened the spring on the tail cap just a little, because the is just a little longer than the 3 stacked button cells that came with the host. The more obvious were the traces from the connector to the lens coils. Just one more thing To make the experience fit your profile, pick a username and tell us what interests you. Description One day we were playing with a Xbox blu-ray sled trying to turn the laser on and we thought: The optics in not so sophisticated, because this ry regular diode laser, not a DPSS laser like green pointers.


Some of the nm light is absorbed and then the bleach emits a longer wavelength light, that is better seen by human eye so it looks brighter. For our purposes we just needed to turn-on the laser, modulate his power and focus it properly on the PCB. To increase density of data storage in siode discs, a shorter wavelength of the light is needed. Unfortunately, moving the laser itself just caused lwser much vibration.

Hacking the PHRT blu-ray pickup |

It happened three times till we deducted the problem, so we killed three more pickups during this testing. Then they realized they could use the red or infrared diodes to focus instead.

I have no idea why the camera can’t see this phenomenon, I was sure that it’s Rayleigh scattering but now I’m confused. While sniffing the FE signal with the oscilloscope we saw a lot of ra noise.

William Stehl Wesley Venis The aforementioned have contributed financially to the continuing triumph of 4hv. Click here for instructions. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. But once again we were not lucky enough: Although the Pickup Driver was generating the FE signal, we had not yet developed the Arduino’s software that would read the signals from the photodiodes, so we run manually.

There was no way bluu fix it. According to other laser freaks’s power measures, the optical power of these diodes is equal by value to the current flowing through the diode.