Then later in the book, the boy got a job and makes a friend. Savon- Savon is Hakeems cousins. Hakeem suspects that Savon is in on the robberies of those stores. Students get hooked and read book after book after book. First he learns that his father is sick and that his parents can no longer afford their home. I was pleasantly surprised by it. This not only helped his family with finance problems, but showed him how to take responsibility for things.

Books by Paul Langan. But after all of that she said you know something i really do like him you were right but i just did want to say anything because i was scared that he was going to tell the hole school about it that was why i did say anything to you or him about it because the really reason was I was scared that you guys were going to tell everybody in the school. Born in Philadelphia, Paul Langan spent his early childhood in the city before moving with his single mother to southern New Jersey. Once childhood friends, he and Savon have since grown apart–a Hakeem Randall can’t take it anymore. Hakeem was able to get in and saw Savon on stage rapping. The reason why the author is focusing and using dialogue is because he wants you to keep reading the book and also making it interesting for you to read and more stuff. Hakeem left all of his friends back in California, including his girlfriend. Nov 04, Kaylin Colombani rated it it was amazing.

Blood is thicker by Paul Langan is a good book. I really enjoyed his life style he had living with his cousin Savon. I got to say Blood is thicker is a really good book like for reals. Once childhood friends, he and Savon have since grown apart–a Hakeem Randall can’t take it anymore.

When he went back to work his blufore was told that another store had been robbed. And at the end of the story Hakeem and Savon start getting along and Hakeem gets to move back home and see Darcy and the rest of his old friends that he was missing.


The messages the aurthor is trying to bring is that family is more important then anything in the world.

At the beginning of glood book Hakeem and his family move to Detroit because of his dad’s cancer. Hakeem thinks that Savon is some kind of gang.

This book is fairly thickwr to read and understand for teenagers and it provides a great lesson for them to learn from. Then later in the book, the boy got a job and makes a friend. Hakeem was also very kind and looking for to help people out. May 17, Caleb rated it thickfr was amazing.

This book has interested me because of the struggle that Hakeem Randall had to go blod. Book Report This book talks about Hakeem moving away to Detroit. He was actually excited until he realized that work was a lot harder than he thought.

I chose a heart because its a lot of love if you read the book than you would know why I chose a heart. He has a cousin there called Savon and they used to get along pretty good when they were young but once he got there, he knew it had all changed.

Now you know every story have a conflict in this book the conflict is Hakeem have to leave his girlfriend Darcy and his friends to go live in Detroit. Hakeem then left, went home, and ate. I would also like this review if I was the 11th grade English teacher. So these 2 are not the creators of the blue ford serious. React The part i think was really good is Hakeem’s father victory over cancer and he and his cousin Savon got along when he knew he wasn’t a criminal when he was just misunderstood because i was totally convinced that Savon was a criminal and had a terrible attitude toward his family when Hakeem discovered silver chains, new rap DVD’s and loads of cash, but he was just misunderstood and felt neglected by his father and he thought about how Hakeem’s a perfect student.

The neighborhood looks like the ghetto, and the people that live there look like gang members and look like bad people. To Hakeem, Savon doesn’t really like him. She noticed him when he was playing His guitar to let his feelings out.


They talked on the way and Hakeem started saying sorry for thinking he was a thief. Savon was coming in from the window and then putting stuff in his drawer and then going to sleep.

THe room was a mess, with two beds and a desk in there.

Blood Is Thicker (Bluford High, #8) by Paul Langan

Characterization Hakeem the main character is a tall kindhearted teenage guy who plays the guitar very well. The way the author told the story, he did a good job getting the point bloov to the reader. If u guess by looking at the title blood is thicker you could probably think it has something to thicler with family, and it does this book is about Family trying hard to make it through some bad that has occurred. She says how good he sounded and then her grandma calls her back.

Oct 25, Norberto Leyva rated it it was amazing.

Kayla Fox Because Hakeem and savon couldn’t get alone and savon dad was saying why y’all fight we family and blood is thicker. After he contributed to a number of TP textbooks and taught English at a community college, Paul reconnected to his interests in creative writing through the Bluford Series.

He became the man of the house after his dad got in a accident and could not work.

Blood Is Thicker

What I got out of this book is bluuford judge a book by it’s cover”. Which will he do…. He could not work anymore, so they did not have a lot of money. I wonder why I love this book so much? I would reccomend this book to everyone Students get hooked and read book after book after book. Hakeem was asleep when he heard Savon going out the window and leaving.