It did’t take long for the Masseria-Rosetti alliance to fray, which left Rosetti outmanned and outgunned. Michael Stuhlbarg has been a delight to watch all season long as Arnold Rothstein. Atlantic City erupts in a storm of bullets, particularly Harrow’s, in the violently-gratifying Boardwalk finale. The second part of Nucky’s revenge scheme against Rothstein was political, and brilliantly executed. Even Mister Sagorsky realizes that Harrow is an honorable man who cares about his daughter, and about the boy. This call prompts the funniest exchange of the night:

And I almost felt sorry for her as she re-lived her pubescent rape at the hands of the Commodore as engineered by Nucky. The tommy guns Capone’s guys were using seemed to be an advancement in weaponry that gave them a serious leg up in the battle for Atlantic City. I was hoping to see Chalky’s club up and running — and it better be next season — but not enough time had elapsed for Nucky to make good on that promise yet. On the other side of town, Massaria is none to pleased with Gyp Rosetti and his annoying bloodlust and inexplicable lack of results. His only purpose it to get Tommy someplace safe. I think I would have even preferred it if Gillian had been successful in her attempt on Gyp’s life, since it was a well-orchestrated plan and she’s more than proved herself as a woman of murderous means. What were your favorite moments? Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Finale Review:

We again ponder why the hell Margaye Doyle is still alive, and we watch Al Capone become the man we always knew him to be.

She uses the same technique she did to murder that poor Jimmy Darmody doppelganger earlier in the season. Don’t take the dirty, filthy money.

After Gyp brutally buried Tennino’s cousin in the sand and bashed his head to pieces with a shovel, I wondered if one of Gyp’s own guys might end up taking him out, and Tennino took his revenge margare his cousin’s horrible death. On the other side of town, Massaria is none to pleased with Gyp Rosetti and his annoying bloodlust and inexplicable lack of results.

Margate Sands 02 Dec Watching him transform has been fantastic. He picks up his gun, but he also uses his connections with Andrew Mellon, Gaston Bullock Means and Esther Randolph to fully accomplish his plans. It didn’t quite make sense that they would go there alone without any backup — they didn’t know that Harrow’s rampage had killed a dozen of Rosetti’s men, after all — but that’s boarrwalk minor quibble.


She has no friends, no one to talk to. It more than lived up to the hype. Reviews Movie Clips Interviews. See you for Season 4.

Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Finale Review: “Margate Sands”

He could not care less about Rosetti, Massaria, or even Gillian. Despite his Nucky impression, and his singing of “Barney Google” a little jab against Buscemi’s bug eyes? This was a fantastic season ender. But the action reivew awesome enough to ignore the serendipity of it all, particularly the final stand-off scene when Harrow finally reached Tommy’s bedroom, only to find one of Gyp’s goons holding a gun to his head.

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Meanwhile, Nucky’s forces set up shop in the lumber yard, where his allies — Chalky’s blacks and Capone’s Italian Chicagoans — were feuding like kids in a schoolyard. If you’re one of those who’s complained the show was moving to slowly and not doing enough to keep it interesting this episode should make the wait worthwhile. He would convince Masseria to pull his support for Rosetti in exchange for Nucky handing over 99 percent of his stake in the business.

But Gillian had regressed back to when Nucky gave her to The Commodore when she was Owen was her only outlet. Richard Harrow arrives suddenly—guns blazing. And that time you slept with your son.

The last we saw of him, he was getting a fork poked into his cheek by Capone. The double-cross became the double-double-triple-cross. But Gillian got a case of premature stabulation and made her move too soon. Nucky making a deal with Rothstein, only to rat him out to Andrew Melon and slaughter all of Masseria’s men on their way out of town.

There’s everything you could ask for in a gangster story packed margatr one hour, drama, action, violence a lottreachery, surprise twists and turns and most surprisingly not many loose ends left hanging. In a great touch, the scene sadns with Rosetti looking bpardwalk the window to see Masseria’s men abandoning him and driving away. The tommy guns Capone’s guys were using seemed to be an advancement in weaponry that gave them a serious leg up in the battle for Atlantic City. After Mickey Doyle — betraying Nucky — tipped Rothstein off that the Overholt Distillery in Pennsylvania was big enough to make its proprietor the biggest bootlegger in the country, Rothstein called Nucky and presented him with a deal: He gets the better of Gillian, empier shoots the hot shot into her arm.


It was somewhat strange how Harrow appeared at the perfect moment to do Nucky’s work for him, and it had me wishing texting existed in the ’20s so they could have gotten on the same page and revifw an alliance out of their common interests. Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem?

She was a girl abused by men, who grew up into a woman permanently twisted by the experience. Going through it the first time has shown it to be tangled and, occasionally, both incomprehensible and completely uninteresting. This call prompts the funniest exchange of the night: Nucky said it best with, “Ask yourself how much you’re willing empiire sacrifice just to prove a point that doesn’t matter to anyone.

With his back against the wall and his life in danger, Nucky agreed to those vindictive terms, but he magrate get his revenge against Rothstein later. The episode set the bloody tone from the first scene, with Capone’s guys mowing down some of Rosetti’s men with machine guns. The “ugly little ape” scene between Gyp and Gillian was fantastic, but unfortunately Gyp’s recent strapped-in experience in Tabor Heights left him more paranoid than usual and Gillian got the needle.

Capone and Chalky’s forces banded together to give Nucky the manpower he needed to take back control of Atlantic City. Not sure the show’s writers and producers did themselves any favors with fans taking as long to build to this end, but holy cow what a finish. We see her next epsiode an awkward conversation under a fake name.

And although he told Eli the cold truth that he’ll never be sheriff again, that doesn’t mean he can’t head the enforcement arm of Nucky’s new, shadowy regime. There was enough political wheeling and dealing to make your head spin. Oh Gillian … you can be smart with your business and interesting to watch sometimes, but I cannot forgive your treatment of Richard and Tommy.