These guys usually get a dunce to pull the trigger, right? Please He’s my partner. Live life on your own terms. The “experiencing the world through Walt and Jesse’s eyes” bit is BS. Plus there’s a little extra in there for any move-related incidentals. And you said that he didn’t strike you as being the boss-man type? So are we buying?

The narcotic effect is far more potent. Now, thank me and shake my hand. Don’t wait to be, like, invited. Now, you just say that you want to be– No, that you need to be able to be properly coached. I’m not sure this is the right answer, so I’ll comment it only. Thus giving him the upper hand. Look at me, Hector. Gustavo is a genius.

But that being said, l thought his story was credible. And we know that he’s given them Hank, to kill, instead of Walt, and the credits roll.

Breaking Bad S04E08 Hermanos subtitles

You’re making me nervous. And besides, you actually did kill Gale, so there’s that.

Note that the Season 4 so it’s not the cause of your specific issue Blu-ray has a glitch where several Spanish-language scenes are supposed to contain English subtitles, but the subtitles don’t appear unless you manually enable them through the menu.


The DEA is working on an investigation which may overlap with my own so l’ve asked them to sit in. You see that Volvo station wagon over there? May l help you? Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

Sorry, l’m just interested, you know? What was that about?

Breaking Bad s04e08 Episode Script

That’s how l live my life. The second succumbed to his wounds earlier this evening. So you haven’t even seen him since that time at the diner?

We can’t predicate a criminal investigation on a person not making phone calls.

“Breaking Bad” S04E08 Hermanos subtitles

So he’s not guilty? We add a plus douche bag to a minus douche bag and you get, like, zero douche bags. And you subtitlds all the profits. You didn’t lose it, did you? Now, when you bend down to tie your shoe you stick this into the wheel well.

So, what if this is like math or algebra? Space, lots of light. Butwhat about the spnaish Agent Schrader and l had a chance to catch up at one of my restaurants. A mistake made by his own men.


Breaking Bad S04E08 – Hermanos – video dailymotion

Yeah, the Fun Run guy. You ready for your mind to be blown? Every life comes with a death sentence. The cartel has given me its ultimatum.

You are quite the talent. So you wish to continue? There’d be no restaurant without him. Marco was shot in the face and died instantly.

But we usually find something. Just as we would in the same situation. Rather than being burned into the image, these subtitles are just another subtitle track, and it’s supposed to be enabled by default, so that even when you turn the subtitles “off” altogether, these subtitles appear for the Spanish-language scenes.

But it does not taste like a Mexican style. Excuse me, l would be a vast improvement. They come back with drugs. Do it again, please.