The doctor walks out having done his best on Yi Hyun and the rest remains up to further observation. Jin-joo asks why she prepared that food for Kang-joo; he has nothing to do with her anymore. Bride of the Century: Yi-kyung asks him not to do this. Upper hands become losing cards in a nanosecond, and in this episode it was delivered in such a refined showdown between the two moms. For this episode, I am surprised that your recap is out so fast. One of the best scenes in episode 7 is when Kang Ju asks Roo Mi to marry him! It makes Granny-in-law laugh and comment that Kang-joo must be really difficult.

March 27, June 8, She is below expectations. Is she telling him to be more proactive in his life instead of letting his parents control everything? That last scene was so painfully refreshing. He was just putting on an act for his grandmother. Yi Hyun is about to pull out the ring and I guess propose to Doo Rim again whut?

Doo-rim agrees to it while Yi-hyun watches. Especially since we have two nasty ones and a few nasty grandparents lurking around. She seems to enjoy this game. Doo-rim stays with Jin-joo who is applying for jobs. What is your role in all of this business, Granny-in-law? Is it wrong if I long for you?

She thinks Kang Joo is right that it was a mistake. Doo-rim can only cry; he stands outside and listens with his own tears in his eyes. Dad only tells him to start the car and go.


I love good K-drama parents. This baby is crazy fun and it knows it, which is why it ups the ante yet again. Ooh, I just love this! MP3 for Ost Part 3 here: Doo-rim simply makes an excuse and walks away.

She spots the ring, but before she can ask about it, he leaves. Doo Rim almost collapses for what happened to oppa because tue her. And it was heartbreaking in the eighth episode as our couple shed tears in the end. She made several mistakes but her heart was always in the right place so I hope that she makes a true apology and then he can forgive her. Dad takes Doo-rim to the resting place of his first wife. Also if you think about it YK and KJ are really the same — they are both cold and seemingly heartless because of their manipulating mothers that only use their children.

I appreciate your hard work. epdramma

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He tells her that she knows exactly why he is doing this. He sends her out and she immediately phones Creepy Mom to do some damage control. It makes me happy to know that the rating is getting better everytime. Doo Rim heads inside while Yi Hyun looks on most unhappy. Raine — This was a pretty hefty episode. He asks why she never lets anyone in when Dad is listening to them. Guh, I love them so so much!

He ignores her presence and tries to walk out, but she physically blocks him. She was the only one who smiled while watching a horror movie… Can we conclude that Doo Rim is just not normal in that sense? Yi-hyun points out that Yi-kyung could solve it.


Before he can kiss her, the butler comes in to announce dinner. Thanks for your recap Koala! I really want to see Kang Ju epdrzma learn the truth about Doo Rim soon because I really want to see them together as themselves and not as Doo Rim pretending to be Yi Kyung. Well I find it definitely strange how the writers are not addressing YH inner feelings and projecting centruy falling for DR as completely normal.

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Kang Joo arrives at the Jang residence bearing an apology bouquet and President Ma continues acting cold towards him. This is his way of being proactive and protecting the woman he cares about.

Found your blog through twitter. Did he really end the engagement? He struggles to keep from crying. Kang-joo is whip smart and Eperama like that.