Selective hearing and constant nausea? You must verify your account in order to post comments. Will this Bridezilla’s finance become humiliated with the title “The groom whose bride did not show up”? VainZilla Kat panics over her missing wedding dress but when a guest objects, will her fairytale come to a shocking end? When Danielle doesn’t like her wedding decorations, she takes matters into her own hands Natalie Nunn is here. I knew this all along. Porsha recaps Natalie’s second episode, calling her wedding “unprofessional.

Sign in to complete account merge. Season 9, Episode 4 Bridezillas: If she had it her way, everybody would love her Speak no wedding, See no wedding. I see he didn’t listen. Will pull a Sophia from the Color Purple if a dude came around asking for advice on this monster. Who do you think was the biggest baddest Bridezilla?

She got on my fucking nerves, don’t know how he put up with it. Porsha wants to see a “Where are They Now? RebelZilla Devlyn flips out when her mother-in-law shocks her and her dad objects at her wedding.

He is one of those. But as many viewers know, last season featured a couple who stood out from the rest—Jeanine and Thomas. Tasha is our xeason of a psycho-zilla. But of course when she spoke all had to listen. Cristal Season 9, Episode 19 Web Exclusives.


Bridezillas 9×5 Jeanine & Rochelle Full Episode – Dailymotion Video

Jenine parents always worked on Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I wanted that sense of togetherness. CountryZilla Natashia’s wild alter-ego “Poundcake” goes loose over flower fails, mama drama, and a missing groom.

QueenZilla Taylor crashes her groom’s bachelor party. Blanca, how old are you!?

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Even Bridezilla Tasha isn’t sure if she’s going to marry Jeff. So if I could change anything about Jeanine, it would be her inability to accept responsibility. Just let Jeanine speak for Jeanine; if a white, or any other person thinks that blacks are a one dimensional monolith instead of getting to know that person on a personal level, thats on them to be ignorant.

Never heard of them before. Why did he marry her!!

Yall Remember That Ugly Black Girl And Emasculated White Guy From Bridezilla? Heres an update

Is there anything you would like to change about your family? Christine can’t go get her wedding band the day brjdezillas her wedding because she needs “to rest for a little bit. According to P, this Bridezilla needs to get a clue. She’ll use her attitude, her temper, or in the case of her sister, her fists. We are not animals or aliens. Selective hearing and constant nausea? At the end of the day, your family will always be there for you.



What would I change about Jeanine? Remy Season 9, Episode 12 Web Exclusives.

All of my qualities make me who I am: Porsha recaps Natalie’s second episode, calling her wedding “unprofessional. What advice would your give another bride who does not get along with her future in-laws? Will pull a Sophia jewnine the Color Purple if a dude came around asking for advice on this monster.

Most Liked Most Commented. Sellout negro will push her white boy to a aeason which is typical of ‘them’!! I thought getting the ring and the life you wanted made people happy PushoverZilla Ebony battles bridesmaids on her wedding day.

Please enter your email keanine and you’ll receive a verification link to proceed. The way I see it—if I stay out of conflict, then my life remains stress free. Davina Season 9, Episode 18 Web Exclusives. By clicking Continue, I agree to the Privacy Policy.