Am I the only person who isn’t in Queenstown at the moment? Bilt Bikes Bright National Champs Just ride, if anyone did try to enforce it, they probably wouldn’t catch you on a bike anyways. Freewheel46 Mar 23, at 9: Nzryda Mar 23, at 1: They’re definitely pursuing this matter in the best way, focusing on access to trails for the entire community, not just the mountain bikers.

Just ride, if anyone did try to enforce it, they probably wouldn’t catch you on a bike anyways. XCMark Mar 23, at Third party downloads and distribution is not permitted. Don’t have an account? This is a good thing because the more people we have advocating for land preservation and the environment in general the more we all win. JoseBravo Mar 23, at 7: Dano98 Mar 23, at Do to the fact that my brother in law was a BMX guy.

You must login to Pinkbike. FSJHunter Mar 24, at Get it together Portland! Am I the only person who isn’t in Queenstown at the moment? Superficial environmentalism and bigotry. The movement is stronger than ever with Nobis accomplishing the impossible in Alaska, the Olenicks taking their park skills to AK, Jeremy Jones straight-lining 50 degree spine walls, Sage fusing style and big mountain and Dana Flahr emerging as a dominate force in s kiing.


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XCMark Mar 23, at When it comes to skiing dreamy pillow lines, the place to be is a small railroad town — Golden, British Columbia. Narrated by a community of locals who have been freeriding in La Grave for the past two decades, and who still reside there today, this short ski film follows Sam Anthamatten and Johnny Collinson as they discover the steep faces, burly lines and unique collective spirit at the heart of La Grave.

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Who else is going to shred queesntown tomorrow? Every Monday I catch myself frantically scrolling down to see what kind of crazy skateboard and BMX vids there are I can relate to where he says near the end FSJHunter Mar 23, at This kind of thing just really grinds my gears the wrong way.

Thank you for organizing the event on the 16th. Sometimes up to 2hrs, but like you guys we all love it, so a little road trip adds a bit to the day. Tero Repo Filmed on location: Please enter your public display name and a secure password.

Good luck ladies and gents with your struggle! I remember reading his whole injury list in BMX Plus in like ’94 or so. Nzryda Mar 23, at 1: Hope it gets sorted, good luck!


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Matt Hoffman is an absolute beast, words can’t describe how crazy that story is. MX Mar 23, at I love how the council bureaucrats cite hypothetical user conflict and trail damage to justify their case when the evidence isn’t there.

At first I was like, ohhh Brandon slays dreamline, then I was all, oohhh that slider sure is moving fast. I don’t know how the dudes alive after ghovex those concussions. Helping the Doctor with the drill bit?

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Todd Tovex spent a few days touring from a hut in the area, ticking off line after line in the Purcell Mountains while perfecting his pillow skiing technique. Nyjah is an absolute beast these days.

Can they hold onto their leads for the overall title? When I grow up I wanna be a mountain bike!! It makes me so mad when people get upset or try to ban mountain biking, its ridiculous! And to think 10 years ago zero and toy machine videos looked crazy.