What kind of illumination does Cissy find in the silence and darkness of the caves? Much like her award-winning novel, Bastard Out of Carolina , Cavedweller deals with domestic violence , friendship among women, mother-daughter bonds, and poverty in the small-town South. All in all a very good story about a dysfunctional family but just a tad too long! After the chaos of the most unsettled Oscar season in recent memory, the show ended up being a vastly stronger offering than could have been expected. Feb 25, Jan rated it liked it. Turns out I have to add ten lines. For a decade I burned every story and journal entry I wrote, lighting fireplaces with poems and building bonfires with fragments of novels.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Regan Arnold as Cissy. Cavedweller is an epic novel that chronicles the trials and victories of four strong women and the opportunities they wrest from the unforgiving terrain of small town Georgia. In the dark her body moved precisely, steadily, each foot placed exactly, while her hips Somehow didn’t enter this one back when I read it, but I love-love-loved it. Nolan Reitower stands out as a male who is kind and trustworthy. Every bit of angst is felt in the rhythm of Delia as she tries to rebuild herself, mending the relationship with her daughters, her grandfather, her disapproving ex-mother-in-law, and forms personal peace with the husband she left behind, a now cancer stricken hard ass named Clint. Still the problem with Cavedweller is that is meanders too damn much. Post Share on Facebook.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Movke Policy. Much like her award-winning novel, Bastard Out of CarolinaCavedweller deals with domestic violencefriendship among women, mother-daughter bonds, and poverty in the small-town South.


People shouted in the distance; crickets boomed in my ears. Share this Rating Title: It is clear-eyed about the economic forces that shape these women’s lives, but it is also unabashedly emotional and hopeful about their futures. At times it seems the novel embraces too many of them, and I felt the author deliberately mocie out to write a big, southern family saga. Reading this book felt like breathing–something effortless and essential.

What do Grandaddy Byrd and Cavedweoler Windsor have in common? Both her non-fiction work Skin, Two or Three Things I Know for Sure and her fiction Trash, Bastard out of Carolina is extremely impressive on an intellectual level, as well as deeply moving on a gut level. Somehow didn’t enter this one back when I read dorothj, but I love-love-loved it. Cavedweller is the long-awaited, greatly anticipated second novel from a beloved author with a strong and loyal audience.


Cissy, unable to get along with any of her female relatives, takes pity on the bedridden Clint. But Bastard was written in spurts over a decade as I could manage the time to write, and the hardest part of finishing the novel was movoe up the short story form in which it dorotby written to make it a true novel.

It’s not hard to understand that Cissy going into the deep caves with her two friends and looking for that ethereal salvation at the end is a metaphor for Cissy connecting with herself, getting over the grief of losing her father, and finding understanding with her mother, but even though Allison wrote some beautiful passages, it was overly tedious to read about rock climbing, and corothy got real repetitive after a while that when the intense finale came I couldn’t wait for it to end.

I read this book late into the night because I found the characters fascinating yet frustratingand wanted to know what was going to happen next. They make mis I liked the rhythm of this one. Jan 01, Melody Ulrich rated it it was ok. I learned so much in getting the Boatwrights down on the page, I knew better how to deal with the people of Cayro. The main character has good reasons for the hurtful thing she’s done, but the cause of death of her second mate doesn’t exactly set her up as someone moive sympathize mobie, and her long-time neglect of her daughters needs more justification than we get.

Unseen, she moved freely. Overall, it’s a bit choppy. Analyze the friendship between Rosemary, M. And as the lives of Delia, Cissy, Amanda, and Dede converge, Delia’s past uncoils into the present cavedwelller a ferocity that brings all four women to terms with themselves and with mogie another. Apr 14, Sarah Key rated it really liked it Shelves: After reading this book I am unsure of how to feel.

How does it help each woman? Bastard out of Carolina, is, to my mind, the kind of novel that someone writes only once.


I liked the characters. I don’t think so. Crafted like a page-turner, which it is and I know it was a bestseller, but it just left me disappointed. Post Share on Facebook. Return to Book Page. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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It will be interesting to see who shouts louder and gets their story told first. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger.

She has a wardrobe full of rhinestone-studded leather jackets and a desk drawer full of family snapshots. This piece, I thought, was how I feel about the ocean: Delia fixes hair, Amanda becomes a good Christian wife and mother, Dede pursues her angst and love of driving, and Cissy seeks out the thrill and darkness to be found in caves. Granddaddy Byrd Kevin Bacon I found the spelunking passages especially compelling. I had never heard of Dorothy Allision before, but I am so glad that I know of her now.

Jackie Burroughs as Grandma Windsor. In many ways, Bastard makes Cavedweller possible both in terms of buying me time to write and in what I was able to do with the women in the book.

Hound dogs butted my calves. Ten years earlier, Delia left the husband who turn When Delia Byrd packs her car and begins the long trip home from Los Angeles – from the glamour of the rock ‘n roll business, her passion for singing and songwriting, and the darker days of whisky and violence and too much belief in the promises of a man she loved – she heads to Cairo, Georgia, and her own unresolved past.

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The years pass, Delia and her daughters fuss, fight, and grow through what appears to be a decade and a half. Delia Byrd is the head of the litter of headstrong women Allison has crafted. Cavedweller is the second novel from critically acclaimed author Dorothy Allison. Retrieved from ” https: Dec 05, Grace rated doroghy really liked it Shelves: Dan Lett as Reverend Hillman.