Leito and his family approached Zero for the last time before he return to his home world. Zero mainly served as Geed’s support in his battles against Belial, the Ultraman later leaving Leito’s body once his nemesis is defeated so he can return to Planet Ultra with his repaired Ultimate Bracelet. The post itself is a joke to a popular anime series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica which featured the main antagonist Kyubey manipulating girls including the main characters of that series into a magical girl and had become viral in the Japanese fandom ever since, creating a strings of internet meme that featured Zero facing Kyubey. He reminisces his days as a child watching the Ultra Series during summer breaks but unfortunately wasn’t able to watch the entire series. Ten years later, Musashi, now 19 and a member of Team EYES, once again encounters the being of light from his childhood. In the second movie version of the movie it transformed directly into this mode, and in the third movie version, it changed from space corona mode.

The aim of the operation is not to destroy monsters, but rather to find a place where they can live peacefully on earth. Zero, touched by the human’s bravery and needing a host to recuperate in, merged into Leito’s body to restore him to life. Ultra Galaxy , Ultraseven and Ultraman Zero were among the promoters of the newly introduced Windows 7. Since it must change from Luna mode through Corona mode, the maximum activity time is about 1 minute maximum. On March 1, , he tweeted the readers to be careful of “strangers” that offered them the chance to become a “magical girl”. The First Contact Cosmos 2: Zero used his new powers to eliminate the monsters before facing the alien himself, now having absorbed the defeated monsters’ souls. Yuta mentions that as a child, he always wanted to become Father of Ultra, yet his character transforms into Ultraman Zero.


Leito and his family approached Zero for the last time before he return to his home world. The Blue Planet as Musashi’s vision.

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Ultraman Zero and Ultraseven were the guest of honors in the Oyako Daywhich was held on July Retrieved — cosmoz Twitter. Fictional giants Japanese superheroes Ultra Series characters Fictional characters introduced in The dark being Chaos Header has appeared and is corrupting the monsters of Earth, making them become ravenous and violent creatures that threaten humanity.

Heisei Ultra Seven – He sparks a friendship with the young Musashi that will be a lifelong bond between cosmoz two. A full picture of Ultraman Zero in his pre-fighting stance. Within Zero’s mind, fought Belial, bringing forth his strongest form, Shining Zero.

He is the human disguise of Ultraman Codmos and was portrayed by three different actors in each region:. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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The Adventure Begins Great: Seiei in Mobile Suit Gundam Superman Big Battle – Light and Shadow Angered by the passing of his father, Zero proceeded to kill the remaining monsters of Belial’s army in a mad fury before facing Belial and defeating him, however Belial quickly re-emerged as Belyudra. Ultraman Mebius Side Story: In the end, Zero finally found the purpose of his powers before returning to his comrades.

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However Zero was too late too save his father, and Seven died from the exhaustion and injuries from his battle. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Mode of “mysterious giant like flare full of annular solar eclipse where the sun and moon overlap ” that embodies “courage” for “kindness” and “strength”.

The basic style of Cosmos based on blue immediately after transformation. Ultraman Zero Side Story: Articles needing additional references from March All articles needing episide references Articles containing Japanese-language text.

After saving the Pigmon’s life during a training session, Zero’s actions proved to Leo and Ultraman King that he had matured and revealed to him his cosmps origins as the son of Ultraseven, and when Seven stopped Zero from touching the Plasma Spark, he had saved Uptraman from following Belial’s fallen path.

Towards the Future Battle Soccer: Ultraman Mebius Side Story: The Blue Planet Cosmos vs.

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Zero’s suit was simultaneously made with Ultraman Belial, based on wetsuits with the materials shaped in a three-dimensional appearance. As the official website of Tsuburaya Productions stated: In the English dub movies, he is voiced by Daniel Van Thomas.

During one of Geed’s fights, Leito died getting hit by a truck while attempting to save a Little Star holder named Toru Honda from being crushed by debris. With a dominant blue first look, Tsuburaya wants to elevate Ultraman’s image as a figure of love for the environment and peace. Superman Cosmis Battle – Light and Shadow