He has superhero sidekicks namely Batnaman parody of Batman portrayed by Michael V. I-fafax mo, para may makatanggap na iba at sila ang mag-paprint para sakin! Peter, the loyal Apostle of Jesus Christ. This article needs additional citations for verification. Kapamilya, you have successfully logged out. These two personalities are both the same in translation in a literal manner , including their names.

A famous television star portrayed by Paolo Contis whose name is an obvious parody of Richard Gutierrez and Kris Bernal. One kilo of tocino worth P and cafeteria food such as adobo and sinigang for 80 pesos and 50 pesos respectively. Appeared in the sketch AlDav. An unnamed character portrayed by Ogie Alcasid who discusses the different contradicting situations of the Filipino society before and after. The twin sisters with contradicting personalities played by Ogie Alcasid and Michael V. Hosts of the sketch T3 Nyo. Parody of the current Department of Justice secretary Leila de Lima.

This also happens during the opening or before the closing of the show wherein the segment is reformatted in a daring game format.

As of July 10,it has shown 7 episodes.

A series of scenarios burrche a comparison illustrating an obvious discrepancy. He is being cheered on by one of the audience named Boy Backup played by Eri Neeman, who is also a writer for the showwhich gives Boy Pickup enough audience impact to win the battle.

He always uses reverse psychology. Odette mauls Antonietta for insulting about flying super heroes and her fictional pet. Acts tough, but with gay overtones. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Otherwise, the captive will be asked whether “Tsugi” or “Chorva”.

Bubble Gang Kin-Z: Cheche Bureche

In the first episode, Johnny was training for an amateur match in Wildbox Boxing Gym an obvious parody of Wild Card Boxing Club, a Hollywood Boxing Gym owned by Manny Pacquiao ‘s head trainer Coach Freddie Roach until he met Benjo, his substitute trainer after finding out that the boxer’s coach has flu. Gloria Romero – known for her part in a horror film Bahay Ni Lola. One example is this phrase: Ulam by Douche Ulan by Cueshe.

He calls his two bodyguards, Ron and Jojo portrayed by Paolo Contis and Antonio Aquitania to investigate on low-class mannerisms involved in the rich man’s house and blames his poor butler, Berto portrayed by Betong. He shows newly discovered products such as vegetables, fruits, hygiene products, foods, grocery items, etc. Portrayed by Michael V.


The singers are portrayed by Michael V. Appeared only once and aired exactly one bueche before Christmas. A devil who demonstrates people on how to do evil things but is usually the victim of his own schemes. During the training, he says several words that Johnny cannot understand such as “himu jaba”, which is in fact one of the boxing combination moves. Hotcake ang tawag kahit malamig na ito? She plans to pursue her studies in music in Bueche and for some unapparent reason she avoids being involved in any romantic relationship.

Matapobre’s nephews and nieces at the end of the special sketch. Byreche between ful story-telling, several women kiss “Daddy Dearest” Alcasid and afterwards “Daddy Dearest” clarifies who they really are. Ogie Alcasid hosts this segment, showing his viewers the how to handle different situations from the mundane to the important, such as being late for work and preventing electrocution while cjeche the shower.

His character is an obvious parody of James Bond and Jackie Chan. Willy and Chito Franscisco as Bro. Parody of controversial presidential candidateEddie Gilwho was later disqualified by the Philippine Commission on Elections.

Parody of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. She always finds jobs, competing with a man, but always got the job by her exhibitionistic, erotic moves, like her bouncing breasts. The breche episode, is in fact a parody of the fight between Ricky Hatton and Manny Pacquiaoin which Pacquiao knocked out the British fighter twice in the first round and KO’ing him in the second round.

Parodies of Jeyrick Sigmaton also known as “Carrot Man” the good-looking Igorot man who carries a basket of carrots who went viral in social media.

Kahit ipa-print mo pa bukas, sa isang linggo, o sa isang taon! Forces Antonietta to lie ccheche and starts getting whipped with a belt. Tandaan mo iha, ang pag-ibig ay parang Plants vs. Den has an amputated finger, while Berwin has an amputated leg whereas Daffy is complete. Download the latest iWant TV app! The sketch aired on Christmas of Parody of Eat Bulaga’s game segment Pinoy Henyo. Parody of popular fortune-teller Madam Rosa and her more popular rival, Madam Auring. Antonietta tells her that Glaiza, being “blinded” would be killed by a car accident, however the car bumps into Antonietta instead before the narrator hoped that Vivian Velez would appear in the future.


Always holding a book, a key and a rooster.

An obvious parody as well as a teaser for the then-upcoming drama-comedy My Daddy Dearest. Ay, apatin mo na. She had taught of him as the late Ramon Zamora, the original actor of Sprankenheit, at one point. He wanted peace and quiet to rest but ironically, his fans even the angels after his death scream for him.

Combined parody of Fill Antonietta crashes Cheska’s debut and criticizes about the characters of Kambal, Karibal notably Criseldain which they get annoyed. Talks about a boyfriend’s problem about his girlfriend’s chexhe obesity and her obsession about food.

Bubble Gang Kin-Z: Cheche Bureche – Video Dailymotion

Jean later detonates the bomb strapped in Antonietta causing the latter and the bomb to explode in the process before the narrator hoped that this is Antonietta’s final episode, however Antonietta’s alive in the following episode. After a man Michael V. He appeared only once in the sketch ” Ang Boxing Coach “.

A spoof reality investigative program hosted by Bongbong, a gay parody of Ben Tulfoproducer, director, and host of Bitagas well as his brothers MonRaffy and Erwin Tulfo. The winner of the match will be determined by audience impact, and moves on to face the “undefeated” Pickup Liner named Boy Pickupplayed by Ogie Alcasid. A reboot of Fliptop in which instead of a rap battle, it is a verbal battle using romantic puns commonly known to Filipinos as “pickup lines.

One kilo of tocino worth P and cafeteria food such as adobo and sinigang for 80 pesos and 50 pesos respectively.