He has to acknowledge the hurt, express the pain, and heal himself completely by forgiving those who hurt him, release the pain and let go of the bitter experience. To cry foul because it fell short and reverted back to standard K drama is not quite fair. This drama is surprisingly awesome. But I’m sure her husband loves her, he seems harmless. PTSD for a bad break up? It gets people thinking right from episode one and that’s more than most Korean series achieve in their entire run.

My uncle gf said she have a plan to keep her secret until her last time! She wants to protect her marriage and she seems to hope SJ will find his happiness too. The acting is phenomena! Wow the chemistry was sizzling. Seung Jo thinks about it and slowly says his name is Seung Jo….. Same goes with other people, if we are watching the character and try to understand the character well by imaging ourselves in that situation, we will become more understanding with the character well. I don’t believe anyone in this particular thread argued that Se Kyung wasn’t hurting herself.

Soo Won December 26, at 4: But their chemistry is definitely palpable. Se Kyung smiles and files that away.

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I really hope so, but Learn how your comment data is processed. She hesitates and he drags her off. This heroine is heading into dark waters, in a realistic way.

Will he see the error of his ways or escape unscathed? Se-kyung follows Yoon-joo to a fancy hotel, where Yoon-joo has booked an expensive room. I LIKE this show. OMG I love this episode. He spritzes water on his face to calm himself down.

Se Kyung stops and turns around, and there is Seung Jo standing there waving at her with a giant smile on his face. Thanks so much for the recap. Persevere to the end! And I hope that they will end up together not just ccheongdam they look good together but because of there imperfection that make them perfect for each other.


The chemistry cbeongdam just explosive! SJ really does need help…. She sneaks him in and they adorably lurk around avoiding detection. So far, this drama keeps getting better with new episode. If SK hurts SJ which she undoubtedly will once he realizes she ain’t nothin recxp a gold digger I’m going to sob!!!!

She tries to pull away, but he snakes his arm around her waist and pulls her tightly against him. I fully agree with you. Guys imo SK is going down this path until the last episodes. Thanks for the recap!

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 5 Recap

And maybe these two will get together because they have been supportive of each other on this journey to become their better self. Se kyung needs a partner not be caretaker but I still like this show. The developing in the charactors didnt make sense. I feel like a broken record as I have said the same thing every week bout him and every week, there is still not a hint of progress.

Am I allowed to share them here or is that attention grabbing? Knocked still beloved King of Dramas from its pedestal without so much as a second thought. When Yoon Joo is leaving, she runs into Se Kyung in the elevator. This time they hold hands, smiling at each other. I can believe what Dr recpa CSJ chose to hide from the ugly truth because that was the only way he could live at that time.

Ah-jung gets suspicious and warns Se-kyung to keep her eye on the prize: She holds his hand and says that she will take responsibility. Go on, Se-Kyung, be different. People always complain about the candy girls who refap nothing and just take crap on the kdramas and how sick they are of it, but when have a different main girl they hate it an dislike her She hasn’t gotten to the proverbial point of no return yet, but seems consciously determined to destroy any inkling of humanity she finds in herself.

There are a lot of hidden secrets here… Layers and layers… Please let us have a lot of loving and cute moments btw our otp and stuff before it all comes crashing down. Then as she travels through the road she has chosen she also comes to realize that she would have to grow up and xong the consequences of each choice. He waves ailce eagerly, hoping to get a wave back or dpisode perhaps a high five.


Or they could come reczp with sorts of misunderstandings, or some kind of financial pressure to get Se-Kyung to back off from Seung-jo so he’s forced into marrying In-hwa. Please, pretty please with a cherry on top?

Cheongdamdong Alice

She pulls out the drawings that she made the night before and explains the style concepts she came up with. After a moments hesitation she responds and they have a conversation in French that is absolutely unintelligible. Instead, she treats him distantly, introducing two aloce that he can choose from. Skip to secondary content. Seung Jo has turned into a total pointless plot device, the reason for which people act a certain way but completely devoid of any semblance to reality. Unheard there won’t be any episodes this weekend because if end of year award shows so I’m holding off from watching episodes 8 since I know I’m going to hate SK.

Se-kyung wonders what he does and Psycho-jo says he does proxy work and then lets her in on a secret: Park Shi Hoo is… wow.

One of my favorite dramas ever is Prosecutor Princess and one of the things chongdam I loved about it was that though Lawyer Seo knowingly hurt, used, and manipulated Ma Hyeri she saw his sincerity despite that and saved him forgave him. Se Kyung walks out to clear her mind and Ah Jung joins her.