Protecting His Own by Cherise Sinclair. Jessica Jessica was a really lovable heroine. But I must tell you, this isn’t for the faint of heart. After a few days to recuperate, and thanks to Loederkoningin some absolutely wonderful pansexual BDSM to read, I get back to this here. In this story, it felt like I have been in that club a thousand times. But I did feel the connection between Z and Jessica.

Club Shadowlands pulled me in and kept me in a heat-filled daze. Shelve To Command and Collar. Can’t wait to read about Master D and i’m really looking forward to Cullen’s book too.. The cover looked hot though so i picked it up, haha. Loved the idea of how Jessica ‘came upon’ the club and meets Master Z. I thought I’d never get enough of that That’s the story the notorious Master Z gets? View all 35 comments.

I also thought her decisions were quite questionable. After a few days to recuperate, and thanks to Loederkoningin some absolutely wonderful pansexual BDSM to read, I get back to this here.

I don’t care if she signed the thing. This book in particular is light, short, and a perfect in Actual rating 2. He went from being this extremely controlled Dom – the biggest and baddest Master of the Shadowlands – to a gentle, understanding teddy bear who loves to snuggle.

Club del Ataúd: Saga Maestros Shadowlands por Cherise Sinclair (+18)

I was really uncomfortable with a couple of scenes here. Besides the fact that there is no angst, shadowpands there is also no story. I loved the kind way he treated Jessica. Pinhead can read her mind and has decided she really wants it. I’m sinclai longer interested in the wide eyed, clueless heroine type except in super short smuts – Jessica was exactly that. Which brings me to the ending. View all 19 comments.


Actually since he stood over me, enjoying the view down my swimsuit top, I might have been a tad peeved—as well as attracted. You could probably order many of the others through your library.

El poder de Isis: Cherise Sinclair (Maestros de Shadowlands)

Everybody has millions of orgasms, everybody falls in l I should point out I am reviewing the series, not this particular book. This was like being Alice in a very twisted Wonderland Every once in a while a book comes along that grabs at your the literary brain cells.

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to ‘Rediscover’ this author. Enter Jessica, whose car breaks down in a storm, she walks and comes upon an estate where she askes to use the phone She never really overcame or attempted to overcome her body issues – He made her feel pretty, which is a start I wasn’t able to feel a complete connection between these two, because I felt that they never really got to know each other completely.

For the rest, a 5 star. If your looking for a short, hot and entertaining read, look no further. Short but still pack with all that heat. View all 71 comments. Master Z was a caring, sensitive and protective Dom, Jessica was a nice and courageous even if a bit TSTL sub, but I didn’t feel any chemistry between them.

Masters of the Shadowlands Series

Master Z Zachary is a dom who finds Jessica interesting. Jessica’s not into the pain, but she learns that she enjoys being dominated and tied up. From the very first page it was better than I expected it to be.


Where she then earns herself a “punishment” because she stopped a scene.

Club Shadowlands

She ends up learning about being a sub and sees for the first time different scenarios that go on in the cl Another book of Cherise’s that I couldn’t put down!!! I put one book down, only to start the next one! This book has only sex in it. He is smart, sexy, rich, with some kind of mambo jumbo thrown in for good measure that helps him understand people perfectly AND he is a children psychologist in his day job.

Lists with This Book. This is a novella so I was quite impressed by the story that bloomed between Master Z and Jessica.

I needed to know more, but it just ended rather abruptly. First Person – Female Rating: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: She stumbles across a private club where she meets the swoon-worthy Master Z, who leads her on a gentle exploration of the kinky side of sex and teaches her to push her boundaries and live a little.

After Kari breaks up with her date during Beginne… More.

View all 12 comments. It was a really short read i read in a day.

Z was learning about what consent or non-consent means from a large man named Bubbha in the state pen.