As they go deeper into the building, the three are suddenly captured by a strange creature and Felli is rescued by Vanzeh Hardy , who reveals that the closure of the center was caused by repeatedly failed experiments that were undergone years ago as a counter to contaminoids in the past. As the other Heaven’s Blade wielders are busy handling the Wolfmask Mob and the contaminoid, one of the contaminoid becomes airborne and wreaks havoc upon the city. She scolds him about his unexpected decision to remain active in battles, despite his initial resolve to turn over a new leaf. As the cannon would be rendered useless in this situation, Kalian issues all citizens to evacuate from Zuellni to Glendan. Even though Dalsiena had so much affection for Dinn, she tells him that the 10th Platoon should no longer exist. Retrieved January 24,

In the flashback, after the bridge has deteriorated, Ramis is traumatized by the sight of a thousand eyes. As a reluctant Felli spots the rest of the 17th Platoon at the resort, Kalian suggests Nina to teach her how to swim. When Sharnid shows the two a peeler , they fight over it until Layfon leaves the kitchen, saying that he work is already finished. With an inter-platoon match underway, Sharnid asks permission from his team to allow him to face off against Dalsiena by himself. Felli soon realizes that Kalian bribed the platoon into teaching Felli how to swim in order to limit her telekinetic energy. Avenger — 25 min Animation, Action, Drama 5.

Nina, receiving word that Zuellni has run amok, goes into a chamber inside the machinery department, finding Gandoweria hovering over Zuellni, who is encased in crystal. As it seems that Nina is worried about Layfon, Naruki interrupts them and asks for their help to curome the issue concerning the overload smuggling.

Layfon agrees to train with Shante upon Gorneo’s consent. TV 24 min Animation, Action, Comedy. While Felli, Sharnid, Harley, and Dalsiena head out to search for Nina, Layfon makes his way towards the regiso contaminoids.


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An unknown redheaded male busts through with a katana and escapes. Savalis tries to extract Gandoweria out of Nina, but Layfon intervenes and rescues her. Leerin and Savalis arrive in the academy city of Myath and they are greeted by Loi Entorio who tells them that a valuable item has been stolen from this city.

Layfon is sent a message regarding the conditions to get Felli back. As Felli uses her psychokinetic powers, she detects a large dragon in the distance. Gorneo also reveals that he hold a grudge against Layfon for crippling Gahard Barehn for life. Three pieces of theme music are used for the episodes: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Chrome Shelled Regios English Dub

Layfon, giving up his adamandite sword to Harley to have it repaired, declines the offer to use a katana for spisode. Felli decides just to put it under his bag in the locker room, but instead it is found by Nina, who finally delivers the letter to him herself. In the flashback, after snelled bridge has deteriorated, Ramis is traumatized by the sight of a thousand eyes. An alarm then sounds that the city is under attack by incoming contaminoids.

Layfon and Nina then see each other and embrace. Nina and Felli, furious at Layton, go their separate ways after the battle, one thinking he deliberately held back his strength while the other believing he inadvertently unleashed his powers.

Layfon agrees to kill it before the city arrives to its location and it engliwh its mature stages. Prior to this, Felli had defied Kalian in order to assist her platoon. In a flashback, three powerful fighters wielding the Heaven’s Blades begin to fight a giant contaminoid named Limbeekun that has attacked a regios.

Kalian later announces to the public that the city must prepare to defend itself against the contaminoids that are soon approaching. As a reluctant Felli spots the rest of the 17th Platoon at the resort, Kalian suggests Nina to teach her how to swim.


Chrome Shelled Regios English Dubbed

Felli is kidnapped by Shante, but she is later saved by Gorneo. In turn, Felli picks up the letter, yet she hinders to give it to him despite the many chances of doing so. TV 24 min Animation, Action, Adventure. In the flashback, Saya, Ailain, and Ramis are now being chased by large mutant dogs controlled by Zidd. Shortly after Layfon’s dismissal from the hospital, Mayshen chroome with him by the train station, where she thanks him for protecting her.

Layfon brings Gorneo to safety, while Nina saves Shante from plummeting. Blade of the Immortal — 24 min Animation, Action, Adventure 6. Layfon explains to Nina that he wanted to atone for his sins for using his sword for the wrong reasons.

TV 12 min Animation, Comedy.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved January 24, Layfon accompanies Felli where he finally sees her smile but gets kicked by her for seeing it.

TV 25 min Animation, Comedy, Drama. Dickserio travels into the inner palace of Glendan through a labyrinth. Meanwhile, Nina Antalk loses one of the members of her platoon, and is forced to search for recruits.

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Nina feels inferior to Layfon and pledges herself to become stronger. With an invasion into the regios eminent, Kalian orders all military arts students to defend the city and repel the monsters, despite most of them having no experience fighting against episde.

While dining at a bakery, Felli overhears Mifi, Naruki, and Mayshen talking about investigating an abandoned research center, which is supposedly haunted, and she decides to accompany them.