Mukul was not in good terms with his brother Sanjay, who was also presesnt in the lift. Emili Francis is under arrest An unknown person leaves Cynthia Gomes’s body outside Emili’s house thus she calls her husband Richard and Inspector Dave enters and arrests Emili. Disclaimer – This is a news site. Ralph Breaks the Internet – Movies Feb 24th. Shantanu wanted to marry Rozane Richard’s daughter but Richard strictly rejected him. Dolly, Babloo or that Ring master?

Madhukar Vaidy who owns a business of fisheries gets killed in his ship ‘Jalpari’. Prince Rudy admits that he can walk and also apologizes as he said lies in the court. Who killed Madhukar in his ship ‘Jalpari’? The Times of India. Pathak visits Sharmila’s house to collect evidence. Pathak succeed in saving senior CID officer Abhijeet? Retrieved 10 March

Famous Bharat natyam dancer Sudha Krishnan visits K.

CID Viruddh Adaalat – Wikipedia

Builders are free to use it for their builds too. Rana sits with Bandiya on a gaint wheel and Bandiya gets killed.

When the prosecution has prepared a water tight open and shut case where even a blind man can tell that the accused is guilty. Charan wanted to sell Shalimar to shaikh Al ruslam in Dubai. Pathak from Adaalat tries to prove DCP innocent but a major trouble takes place abhljeet, furious Daya forces DCP’s driver to reveal the truth thus he tells court that DCP ordered him to bury a dead body and he escaped from there as he was extremely scared. Aunt Cynthia has a property of 70 crores. The person who died in the boxing ring is not Tejas but Arjun his brother?

Riya, Anju and Varsha had a crazy love for Manav but no one revealed to anyone finally in the court it is revealed. Prem falls from the building and dies. The principal photography of the episode was held in Mumbai abhijeet, India and was commenced in June Pathak save Sculptor Amrit Nagpal?


A perfect well planned murder. If in doubt, do not use. Who wanted to kill Horse Shalimar? Deepa got shot in the movie theater. Pathak reaches jail to solve the puzzle he is put up in a same cell where Vishwas Nagre was present.

Naina takes help from K. Pathak save Varsha Dixit in Manav’s case? Poonam had recognised his talent and helped episove acquire fame, name and money.

Anjali saw Prem tripping from the bamboo but police didn’t find any bamboo on the field. Who killed Tejas Yadav? Jayant’s neighbour Dibakar saw Sarika running from Jayant’s house.

CID Viruddh Adaalat

Venkat staying opposite Jayant’s house reveals the whole incident as they were involved in fighting. Photographer Jagtap clicked her and Father Martin’s photo when they had met in the fort. Chef Nainsukh also dies due to episide. Pathak’s office to save Father Martin. Who is the real Murderer? She started liking Amrit. This firing was seen by crores of people live addaalat the case was really weak from K.

We do not host, upload or link to any video, films, media file, live streams etc. Lobo’s pet dog Tin Tin to the court as he saw the whole murder but finally the dog barks at shantanu and the case becomes more difficult for K.


Pathak finds flul solution and there comes the twist that Zoravar is alive but howcome. Who is the real killer? A thief Behram was hidden in the cupboard who saw the whole murder. Everyone had a fear of loosing the job due to Madan. Originally aired on 15 Julythe episode was written by Arshad Sayed and director by Pawan Kaul.


Dog Tin Tin has seen the murderer K. Pathak gets a call from an unknown person not to fight this case. Poonam had named her Prem Roza art gallery on Amrit’s name due to which after her death he would get Rs. Pathak urges Vishwas to speak the truth as he spoke lie in the court and he reveals that his son was in danger. Who killed Builder Prem Bharadwaj? Riya loved Manav and even Anju use to like him a lot so finally who wanted Manav to get killed. Sudha krishnan loved Father Martin 10 years back.

Pathak save horse Shalimar? Season 1 Episode 25 – Jalpari Madhukar Vaidy who owns a business of fisheries gets killed in his ship ‘Jalpari’. Pathak save Trishika who was found near the dead body of Swamig? Who is that person who robbed bank’s money from Namdev?

D watches the cctv footage but there was a complete blackout. The episode was a crossover episode between CID and Adaalat.

Season 1 Episode 19 – Gumnaam Qatil K. Later, Julie tells court that she saw DCP taking an exit from her room’s back door and DCP too agrees that he went to meet Rohit but did not kill him, on the other side, an unknown person leaves 4 briefcase in 4 different places where there are bunches of people and there in the court, the tea boy who is DCP’s informer too reveals court that DCP was planning to kill Rohit.

But will he save Dharam kumar? Jucchar Singh then how will K.