Many a parent, harried and hardworking, harbors a love that is never really said. The remaining funds would stay in the public school system. Attach old address label, provide old and new addresses and current membership card number. There is no reason why the same solution won’t work for those who live in the Maryland part of D. To honor 81 postal employees returning from Operation Desert Storm, the Ninth and 10th Dis- tricts of the Department of Florida and Post of Miami organized a ceremo- ny. Thanks again for remembering “The Forgotten War. This edition focuses on the most important events of They feature a brilliant gleaming gold portrait of Nolan Ryan on the front.

This legislation, introduced in the Senate by Sen. And my satisfaction is completely guaranteed. Often, companies save money when they find that metrication requires fewer tools, or discover a met- rication capability they didn’t know existed. Those lessons were costly, though. Enclose a check payable to Image Checks. That didn’t happen, either. For common names such as John Jones or Bill Brown, the home state or other more specific infor- mation is required. If the Controller doesn’t cut strokes off your score, you may return it undamaged, of course for a prompt refund of its price.

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There is sig- nificantly less air and water pollution than there was a quar- ter-century ago. This Act increases the pay of those who faced the great- est danger, smoothes the transition for those returning to the work force or the educational system from the Persian Gulf, and increases the level of higher education benefits for veterans and reservists.


This political rhetoric must end. Purposely hit a shot off the toe of each club and watch what happens. Epstein Associate Editor Raymond H. Well, most of them have gone through costly professional procedures to get vidfo great smiles. Employment News Senate debate on H.

So it is with Canadian Mist, America’s number one Canadian. Even one “no” answer probably means that going into business with your spouse might endanger the busi- ness, your marriage or both.

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Chil- ton’s missions for the U. On Guadalcanal itself, the Japanese launched three major vdeo attacks out of the jungle against Marine perime- ters. The video has been distributed to all transition offices of the mili- tary and is also available to veterans’ service organizations and businesses.

Who will remember if we do not?

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Eliminates irritating and unwanted conversations. Through a combined network of 56 PTSD clinical teams and 23 special- ized inpatient PTSD units, VA has investigated the emotional effects of combat and other life-threatening situ- ations, and has produced various treat- ment techniques tailored for stress vic- tims. Who can afford that?! I suspect many more lawmakers will do likewise as the NALC and other postal unions bring to their attention the harmful intent of the legislation.

Thiesen’ s pastor, The Rev. A numbered Certificate of Authenticity comes with each piece and all are gift wrapped.

VA offers aging veterans a broad range of treatment e;isode designed to allow them to live at various levels of independence. Just 17 percent said it had occurred.


The Defense Department views this approach as the best way to limit third world threats.

For more information, write: None of that has happened. The District of Columbia was formed from land belong- ing to Maryland and Virginia. CT and NY must add sales tax. Let’s look at our young people, all of them. I really enjoy it,” Thiesen says.

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They learn to copy the behavior of top students in the class, and there are fewer distractions. Global warming is another myth. Instead, imagine that government bureaucrats assigned GIs to the pub- lic college closest to their home with little concern over whether the school would effectively educate them or offer a safe environment.

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But when he’s not work- 0CT0BER 41 ing for veterans, he’s supervising a grape farm and taking care of his family. You can even whiten your teeth while you watch TV!

ErecAid System is medically approved and available with a prescription for under The number is printed immediately after the unit in the magazine.