Not only do I show you how to set the material up I made a content browser preset ready for download. Josh on Oct 26, Reply Sure. Your email address will not be published. Glad you find it useful. Some I created and few other Camera Projection tutorials that would be helpful to you. What exactly is the problem? I am working on some matchmove shots. But all hope is not lost.

MarkOtay on Oct 03, Reply Finally solved my problems. Yes, that exact tutorial is coming: Is it possible to render a shadow pass without rendering anything else? It would be great to render ONLY the shadow pass and not have any other passes. I did see that plugin You can also take off all the materials except the one that has your shadowcatcher in it, then do your render. One of those being a shadow pass but I show you how to do it all in one render with mulit-pass control. So everything underneath or penetrating the ground plane will be completely visible.

However, it still doesn’t really give you 1 separate “shadow pass” without any type of geometry. Josh on Aug 17, Reply Hey thanks! Every time I try this I have to at least render the Floor Plane in order to see the shadow.

Render Only The Shadow Pass – New Users & Beginners – C4D Cafe

I’ve seen this question asked at least other times and everyone is essentially trying to get the same result. That way I can see how you put together the setup. It would be great to render ONLY the shadow pass and not have any other passes. John Keeser on Oct 26, Reply Thanks for responding back. That sounds like another tutorial all together though. It’s the one with CC Josh on Oct 03, Reply Hey Rob, interesting. Hi Guys, I found another method, which may or may not be of use to some of you, depending on what you need to achieve.


Love your style of work. I know how to do it on After Effects but not on C4D.

I tried it, but you say ” I did see that plugin Please email me the project file to josh vfxdaily. Hi Martin, thanks for the kind words. What you say here, can you please elaborate a little bit on that? But all hope is not lost.

More tutorials to come just really busy at the moment. Then i go on to seperately render my Objects without these planes and after that the planes with the shadows without my objects multipasd cast the shadows this time they have to be set not to be seen by the camera via the compositing tag. I have one question, though: Im a Director DOP who loves getting involved with the graphics side to help me better understand what more we could mjltipass with a scene.

Franz on Jan 25, Reply Awesome! I was missing the multiply tag at render settings. I would like to examine the setup in detail and I think it would be excellent if you could upload the project minus the footage.

If you have a Cineversity myltipass they have some helpful tutorials there. Then to render seperate use a multi-pass render with shadows checked. I hope you can help me.


make a floor invisible and keep a shadow

I try to encourage people to createtheir own scenes but I could upload the project file for this minus the footage or maybe just one frame of it. Glad to hear it.

Josh on Oct 03, Reply Thanks so much, Charlie! Your method is better than the one I ended up using anyways. Again, I know this has been asked multipsas times before but I wanted to see if I could get a definitive answer or maybe someone could point me to a tutorial that outlines the steps required.

I should’ve said that in the last post. Vince on Oct 22, Reply Thanks very much. It doesn’t necessarily need to save the RGB pass, but it will still render it. Hi John, can you update infos about your catchihg and C4D versions?

But for some reason I haven’t found that its possible with C4D. Josh on Oct 26, Reply Sure. I’ve got the same problem. Do you know a work around? After i track the shots and solve the camera movement, i set my light, an place white colored planes where the shadows would fall set to compositing background with the c4d compositing tutoorial.