December 24 at 4: I am, however, the one who is being asked to cancel a gig. Unfortunately what you do now will be interpreted by some as taking sides. Now the Palestinians, naturally have decided they deeply resent their oppression and have launched the BDS campaign which we have gone into great detail on this incredibly informative thread. Nor does it address what would happen to the Jews in settlements in the West Bank. Please take that in consideration.

The Cultural Boycott of Israel is a tactic that has a good chance of succeeding. What is legitimate about a state that has first- and second-class citizenship based on ancestry or anything else, come to that? This way the work that needs to be done is to put all our efforts to evolve spiritually and achieve the conscious state which we refer to as Human Beingsā€¦get rid of our egos. I assume among the signatories you will find those who are closer to you in ideas and those who are further from you. You are welcome to come for a cup of tea in my house when you are here in Israel. They will also hear the message that you told Palestinians off and that will be an encouragement for doing nothing. I assure you the feeling behind my comments is all about love and respect, and a sincere desire to give my very best.

Plan includes apartments for immediate construction and around that could be built at a later time. Have you read his book? OSLO, and many subsequent documents attempted to reconcile a 2 state solution, which in my opinion is still an apartheid solution. Can someone explain how strictly this law is enforced? Are you saying if you had accepted a gig at Sun City, you would have played Sun City because if you cancelled the gig it would have compromised your principles?


Of course, in each of these cases, those who were engaged with apology for maintaining the oppression claimed otherwise, and the same is true in the case of Israel. I would like to make below a number of comments. And two thirds of them are UN registered refugees, they or their descendents forced out of their homes violently by the current or the nascent Israeli army.

Although the violations and breaches of human rights and international law go far beyond settlements, one does not have to look far to connect one of the sponsors of the event to settlements.

I am an one of the many involved in organizing BDS campaigns. By reading what you wrote here I felt you can see the pslestine. The information has been made available. The central issue here is severe racial discrimination. But in listening, please do not forget that your ability to listen is slanted by the medium.

We only hear this about Israel. Apartheid has no right to exist in the world we are trying to create!

They knew all that, and signed you up, without disclosing any of it. But openly ignoring the boycott call will be interpreted as support for all these discriminatory policies, not as neutrality.

December 24 at 9: But many artists palesine thought they could simply go in a neutral capacity. Indeed, the official state twitter was boasting about your upcoming performance when it was announced.

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They have faced this choice many times since the s. A Palestine Solidarity Campaign film. They would prefer that all Palestinians are expelled from Israel and that the Occupied Territories be subsumed completely with further expulsions later on.

In Paestine the Russell Tribunal on Palestine determined that Israel is practising apartheid against the Palestinian people.

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At this point, and because of Israeli policy called, establishing facts on the groundthere is no other possibility.


We are not asking you to boycott Israel because Israel is bad. The comments, criticisms, and discussion have been rich and eloquent. None of the people arguing here have any power to physically or legally prevent Stanely from playing in Israel, and if we had such power, we would not have used it.

Should you have any questions please feel free to write us at pacbi pacbi. Iranians as people obviously do.

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I know we live in a highly hyper individualistic culture, but we have to understand that there are times when we need to try to transcend that. Nobody can promise what will or will not be effective. If you spoke to him you would not go, and if you saw why so many South Africans who have visited Palestinians under Israeli rule have backed the Palestinian BDS call you also would not go.

None of the alternatives is without difficulties. An integral part of changing the culture of complicity in the United States is for artists and academics to do what they can, and boycott the state of Israel. And you show us a book on how to live the life we want. Please forgive me if any of my comments came off as arrogant in any way. Israel, the state, and behind the state, the society, not the settlements, is responsible for the oppression of Palestinians.

It is Israel that builds settlements, and it is Israeli society that elects politicians who build settlements.