Kizumonogatari is a movie and will be aired sometime this year. Part I Oct 23, I really really appreciate your beautiful work. What is the current progress of this series? Hoping to see the final batch! Why was Hanamonogatari dropped..? In Koi- ED https:

Thanks for the release! It was changed only to match the typesetting on screen. Enjoy your vacation, once again. Yes, that was intentional. Castle in the Sky Little Busters! I preferred the Node translation for this line too, to be honest.

This will rename the files with episodes 06, 11, and 16 missing, as these weeks were recaps that were not included in this torrent. May you can at least answer about why we even need these bat files?

Oh and just random note ordered chapters are considered annoying for most people since people who do them usually: And at around Every time when video is encoded even on same settings and bitrate you gain less quality.

Part II Jan 22, You can just go to the official website to see Hana is considered part of Monogatari Second Season. Koi has all its BDs out already and is only constrained by how long the seasoj process takes. High Quality bit Anime Encodes. Always looking forward to some more Monogatari. Claim or contact us about this channel. Hoping to see the final batch!


At least a month. Detail in the anime that is correct till the very last pixel. Thanks for this, one question though. YY will get an update soon. Thanks again, your efforts really are appreciated. Browse the Latest Snapshot. Are you the publisher? I found that it is necessary to move the folder to the literal C: Part I Blu-ray Jun 25, I really really appreciate your beautiful work.

If not, thanks for your sedond work overall! Anon, the missing second OP was noted in the post when it was released.

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Thank you for the information! Koimonogatari episode 1, at 7: Sries Koi- ED https: I think this is it http: Ok, so people who have the subtitles working for the commentary I am hoping they existare there cooalgirls of you who are able to post an exact guide to getting them working?

Part II Mar 26, With this, it will work if place directly in the drive. Coalgirls – We will do what we want, and do not care about your opinion. And really thank you for picking up Monogatari S2.


You girls are such teases. Part II Nov 27, See the comment by coalgirl above. They are not an ethical group and do not deserve the favor of having their BDs done by me.

Playall files will only be used with Nekomonogatari — do not expect them for other seasons. Related to my previous post: All the best, Raggers. The thought of having to watch Commies release was making me depressed!

Monogatari Season 2

Could you please explain the arc breakup? Hi, Could you please explain the arc breakup? Coalgirls best girls, also heard a rumor that you may be the best coals as well, would love to hear official feedback on that one.

What am I doing wrong?