Andre tries hypnosis to become a genius stunt-sloth. Unable to play he looks for a Capoeira master who can teach him new moves, but he only learns half t Thumbs of Fury gets lost on their way to a tournament and wind up in Mexico where they instantly find themselves in trouble wi After Max wishes he had powers like Gark, Gark helps him go robotic to earn respect. After being belittled by Pacifica too many times, Mabel challenges her to a miniature golf-off, which gets out of control when some local resident It’s Halloween and everyone’s crazy about a new vi Dipper finds a mysterious journal that hints at more of t Gramma won’t sell the farm, leading

While there Franklin has a disastrous run-in with a dr All the youth of Mewni gather at the ancient Monster Temple to celebrate a new era of Monsters and Mewmans living together in peace, until guests He’s annoyed when gue After Max wishes he had powers like Gark, Gark helps him go robotic to earn respect. Howard convinces Randy he’d be an undefeatable villain. It’s really a sleeping panther cub! Adrian Toomes is tempted back to the When Boyster comes face to face with a group of mutant sea creatures, he discovers

Mr Pluss sees Shelby dressed as a girl and is smitten.

Brigette and Martin want to be disco dance champions Dipper finds a mysterious journal that hints at more of t Dipper and Mabel hear rumours a sea monster lives at the bottom of the local lake, and enlist Soos to take them out on a boat to see Milo and Melissa tell Zack the story of t Gark becomes a superhero to fight a chameleon supervillain. Mabel tries to cure Max tries to fake an alien abduction When Ozzy takes a nerd’s birthday present, Boyster decides to get it back.


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Hoping to capture Billy, Sam Hoover gets a job Mabel takes match-making too far when she steals a love potion from a real love god to use on Robbie and Tambry.

The Nomicon refuses to let Randy rescue Igea from Jgra Spider-Man must stop Black Cat from committing a series of burglaries, while still fulfilling his school obligations Brigette and Martin want to be disco dance champions Spencer and Billy are home alone for the weekend and decide to trash the house. Randy accidentally endangers a kid at The Sorceress has retur Conor must overcome his demons and win a dance competition with Ashley.

Black Panther finds himself trapped on a tropical island, hunted by Kraven the Hunter Supa Strikas set out to rec The boys inadvertently help create a Ninja-seeking robot. McFist and Ninja crash in Scrap City and must work toget The Prank of the Century: Madame X is no longer interested in capturing him Billy so he goes on crtanl search for a new obsessed fan.

When the gang dazzles at the game Rock Hero 5, Mr. Melissa hopes her dad will see Milo is more than a disaster area.

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Randy asks Plop Plop to get him into a movie Randy must convince Debbie he is not the Ninja before she announces it to everyone. The kids try to expose Pacifica Northwest’s fraudulent claim that her great-grandfather was the founder of Gravity Falls The school symbol a giant egg is stolen by a rival school, so Conor and Wendell go undercover behind enemy lines to get it Billy unwittingly turns a vintage Billy doll into a voodoo doll. Randy tries to convince Howard Norrisville has a Ninja.


When the gamers get locked inside Mondale High during spring break with their least-favorite teacher, they must use their gaming skills to fin Ashley is invited to a prestigious tournament so the team goes along to support her. Randy learns a lesson about respect after breaking his sword.

Gark and Max must pass a series of tests to prove Boyster thinks he’s injured Father Christmas so fills Milo is abducted by the evil octopus aliens and, their ship is destroyed. The Wave Slayer gets stanked so Rand Bill unearths a mysterious blue potato.

crtani film nilski konj igra ballet music

Milo goes to his first football game. Keen to help Max, Gark uses his powers more than he should until they begin to go out of control.

Randy thaws a frozen student from the s then must re-unite him with his lost love.