Newsflash Shunji, you still want kill her father! P Not the time nor the place, eh? General Wada sputters—what can he mean by returning to Korea? The world doesn’t care and it’s just a means to poke at Japan without Dealing with it the serious issue upfront and makes Korea and Koreans look petty. Who would’ve thought that there will be a day when Shunji’s smile will send shivers down our spines? Adorable Puppy Abe should torture Goiso with the nail cage for hurting his master Lieutenant Kang-to! As a Korean-American, I should be more sympathetic or even be jumping into the ship of S.

And all the characters are getting smarter and I really feel like we’re settling down in the homestretch. As a Korean-American, I should be more sympathetic or even be jumping into the ship of S. He may be stripped of his medal for his action and politicans are guarenteeing him an honorary medal if that happens and all the benefits most importantly exemption from military service. I personally was brought up being told by my grandmother and mother that Japan did horrible things in Korea and China during WW2 and feeling sorry about it. Anyway, for a moment during that scene where the group was distributing the flags, while the circus girls were distributing the pamflets, I couldnt help but think that Sun Hwa and that guy would make a lovely couple: And I agree, I absolutely love Rie at the moment. Why would you do that for those things? PSY will help us all forget about this Dokdo business:

Someone mentioned that the drama seemed too “black and white” and not enough “grays”. It circumvented me watching Arang and Faith!

Koiso smirks, the weasel. My knowledge of Chinese characters only gets me so far in understanding some newspaper bit every other episode, so having ramsari recaps here makes a helluva difference!!


The Japan depicted in the show? Oh yessss the Dokdo thing! MsB August 16, at 7: MsB August 16, at 5: I was shocked when Kangto smiled fpisode Shunji and Goiso to bring them coffee. He doesn’t like her but doesn’t want to hurt her. And damswri Kangto-Rie moment. Thanks for the recap! I was just going to reply to your message on Faith ep 1 recap, please check back later on tonight. I love this show.

Star August 17, at 2: Rie fumes in her hotel room, smashing her mirror and cursing herself: LOOP August 16, at Its the feeling I get when I watch a movie or read a book about slavery.

But Damsari is also an damsark person even if he’s not that famous like those twoso Sorry, had to do it!

At least he changed something. I just love this drama. PS – Along with the spin on nationalism, can your podcast also deal with fpisode all too serious issue of the madness that is PSY’s Gangnam Style?

He’s a great evil character with so many layers, which is necessary for this show. He has this tendency to switch back and forth between his old self and new self, although at this point I can’t see him being sincere anymore when he’s playing old self. It’s such a frustrating vicious circle.

Thanks a lot for the recap! I actually think that had that whole Olympic soccer match debacle thingy not happened, the drama would not have the felt the need to put up that picture.

Kishokai is swift to go into damage control 1224, and announcements are littered through town proclaiming that all the rumors about the imperial nurses is a misunderstanding. I would love it if Rie became the new Gaksital. Shunji counters that they have to be careful: The two parties meet when Hothead hands Sun-hwa a flag and offers to finish passing out her flyers, identifying himself as a member of the Dong-jin Association.


I love how he uses his eyes and how expressive his face is as well.

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Even the brief bit about the boxer was a moving moment based in real life, and I felt that emotion palpably. Jin who lives nearby. I love the moment where Koreans raised their flags. There’s no point in holding grudges. Some turning towards good and others Shunji, sob turning more and more evil.

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So careful going in, Kang-to-ya, damsair so careless leaving? Oh goodness Shunji scares the hell out of me also. Village Hothead leads his men in a cry, and together the people bust out their homemade Korean flags and cry out in hurrah for Joseon. Meanwhile, the circus girls are busy at work handing out more information, this time warning of damdari comfort women scheme. Governor Wada presides over another flattery-filled dinner with the upper crust, namely the count, countess, and the school-establishing parliamentarian.

Hiru Tv – Visula Ahasa Yata Sinhala Teledrama – Episode: 124

I am already very interested in Korea’s culture and history, yet I have to say that ddamsari drama has deepened my interest and curiosity even further. I really didn’t want to like her and she turned out to be the star of this series. Reporter Song makes sure to photograph the scene, which shows up in the newspaper.