As the Occupy Wall Street movement rages, Robert and John, two New York investment bankers who are angered by the noise, smell and hassle of the protests venture into the park to let At the time though, we were both really impressed by him. We started at Occupy Wall Street in , and we would dress as investment bankers. Eventually we got out and we were safe, but there was some feeling of danger there. Are you now decided? The most impressive speaker was Chris Christie. Yeah we were taken seriously time and time again.

Failosophy — 30 min Comedy, Reality-TV 4. We went all the way through the Republican National Convention. Over and over again, we were getting away with it. There were a couple places, a couple of sites, podcasts, and then Rachel Maddow did a big piece on us, but that was later on. It’s just a bro-mance. The Hidden World Film Review:

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The Family Episode: The Hidden World Dzvram Review: When her lover suddenly turns up, she realizes that she needs to find closure with her past before she can start living in the present again. It was really stiefper. Okay, well the movie is called Undecided. We went all the way through the Republican National Convention. Are you now decided? If this election cycle is driving you insane, take a break from the seriousness of it and enjoy Undecided: When did you do your filming?

T Action, Adventure, Fantasy. They are chosen for a reality show where they will travel around from caucus to convention meeting, greeting and offending candidates along the way. Call and Fold The Drill Down These politicians benefit from driving us further and further apart. TV 21 min Comedy, Drama.

What are we gonna do? The stuff was really covered and people were confused, but we were at these places cpmedy we got the coverage you see in the movie. We thought it was a funny video, but we got roughed up on the way out. Carrie McCrossenDavram Stiefler. So Coomedy have to ask, Davram were you actually arrested at the Rubio rally?


We were lucky we went to one of the earlier rallies in January, in New Hampshire for that. It’s just a bro-mance. ESPN Films’ 30 for 30 is an unprecedented documentary series featuring today’s finest storytellers from inside and outside of the sports world.

TV 30 min Comedy. Middle of the Night Show is a fast-paced re-imagining of the late-night comedy talk coedy that brings it out of the studio and onto the streets of New York City. But I think we got Hillary and Bernie pretty bad too. The media coverage was all real? Difficult People — Episode: Not Rated 83 min Comedy, Drama.

IMDb user rating average 1 1. Charts the origins of fantasy sports games from a small lunchtime group stiiefler as the rotisserie league to the multi-million dollar industry it is today. Willa and Claire’s conspiracy reaches a breaking point. Was that the case?

Preoccupied Not Rated 83 min Comedy, Drama 5. The Drill Down TV 23 min Comedy. We ended up being fine, but there was that feeling of a lot of anger in stisfler room and we gave everyone a place to focus it, so we got tugged on, and pushed and shoved. Was it part of the thought process behind your two characters?

Phaea CredeDavram Stiefler. You guys met so many of the candidates. I loved her reaction to you davramm being topless, front row at her rally.

We were shooting pick ups all the up till two days before picture lock, but davarm last rally we shot at was the RNC which was back in July.

Series features re-enactments, text messages, status updates and photos submitted by viewers. Nate ShelkeyDavram Stiefler. And we are living in a weird time where reality television, entertainment, and politics are all kind of a stew and being served by the media as this one thing put together.


Davrak would be your advice to the first-time voter, the year old who is questioning all things politics? They’re two best friends who live together in Brooklyn.

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To watch him refuse to endorse him at the RNC, then endorse him stiwfler then have that blow up in his face, was just really funny. But it’s not weird. But one of them is gay.

Obviously there were more republicans than democrats, so we had a lot more fun with them because there were more of them. In an election like this, we sort of just blended in. TV 90 min Comedy, Drama. A still closeted young woman brings her girlfriend home for Thanksgiving, only to have her coming out efforts thwarted by the unexpected arrival of her tsiefler roommate. Yeah, that was something I loved in the film, was that Jason, your character John comes from a Republican background, while Davram, Dan comes from a Comed background, and yet the film becomes more about you too becoming best friends, instead of finding the right candidate.

Jason and Tina, now both single and broke, decide to change their fortunes with a debauched night out, but Stacey’s penis-themed bachelorette party and a needy comeyd dealer with a bad cold get in the way. Recently graduated, and unhappy with his chosen career path, Oliver agrees to participate in an experiment testing out a new pharmaceutical which eliminates boredom.